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The Kingdom of Zilkhstan is known far and wide as the land of warriors and their military reflects that reputation. For centuries the Zilkhstanian Military have defeated any opponent that threatens the country, even defeating the Britannian Empire once in the past while being outnumbered. Despite the country's military prowess and boasting of being to able to defeat any foe, they now found themselves unable to defeat their newest foe: world peace.

The Military not only responsible for the defense of the country, but is also the main economic driver. The Kingdom is known to sell it's services to other nations in the form of mercenaries to earn capital, but due to the world currently being at peace after Zero Requiem, the economy of the country fell with it. But the country's military remains a force to be reckoned with.


As the military forces of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, the Zilhkstanian military exists to defend the kingdom and serve its interests abroad. The military has existed for centuries, probably since the inception of the country. During those time they suffered through numerous invasions, some of them from a much larger enemy like the Britannian Empire and since then have collected a reputation for military prowess for them to be known as "the Land of the Warriors."

The emblem of the military is a blue eagle with a sun, which are revealed to be adopted from the symbol of the Farlaf Order.


Zilkhstan command center

Command Center of the Zilkhstanian Military

While Shalio is regarded as the commander in chief, true responsibility for administering the armed forces lies at the hand of the "Brown Bulkwark" himself, Bolvona Forgnar. This is likely because of Shalio's age and condition, with him only serving in limited capacity. But despite the power he technically possesses, Bolvona still have to answer to both royal siblings.

To be noted; because the kingdom seems to lack civilian representation, the military leader of the country also serves as the de facto head of state, or in the case of kingdom one of the heads. In addition to military responsibility, Shalio oversees the secular institutions as well. But just like in the case of Bolvona, someone else must act as the head of government, while the siblings focus their attention elsewhere. As shown by Bolvona negotiating with the far off country of Indonesia to negotiate aid.

It is shown that Shamna, Head Priestess and head of the religious affair of the kingdom, have her own personal units in the military, who serve as her elites and special forces if needed. They are also shown to be highly skilled and awed even by the bandits inside the wailing prison. Whether they are part of the military structures or are autonomous remains to be seen.

As a highly militarized nation with a warrior culture, the Military boasted that they can deploy up to around 12,000 reservist in the case of war.

Military Branches[]

Like most of its peers, the Zilkhstanian military seems to be divided into branches, with each service specialized in a certain role. With the addition of Shamna's elite guard, the kingdom's fighters are a force to be reckoned with.


Ghedo Vakka et soldats

Shamna's Elites

The Zilkhstanian Army are the main warfare ground branch of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan, and are shown to be highly effective, possessing powerful weaponry to fight even against the most powerful Black Knight Knightmare Frames, and have beaten back the Britannian Army in the past. The Army possess an armored train that serves as its main weapon for the defense of the country by providing heavy artillery support for the ground forces, and they also operated the Ghedo Vakka knightmare frame.


Code Geass Resurrection 2019 Screenshot 0298

Zilkhstanian's ships patrolling the coast of Gralbahd.

The Kingdom also have Navy as one of the main warfare branch but are only shown to use patrol boats to protect their capital's coastline and are only shown in a few scenes unlike the ever present Army. But judging by the size of their naval base it's possible the Zilkhstanian may have something heavier like a frigate or destroyer. As they are not shown with anything more larger than a patrol boat. Their effectiveness are also shown to be limited, as being unable to stop the landing of the UFN task fleet on their country, but this is mostly due to sheer size of the UFN fleet making any attempt at interdiction impossible.

Air Force[]

Zilkhtanian Gunship

Zilkhtanian Helicopter landing

The Air Force of the Zilkhstanian military just like the navy are also shown to have less presence compared to the army, but they are much more prominent than the Navy as they are shown in more scenes. The Air Force are only shown to operate a single equipment that equipment being strangely enough the only rotor equipped aircraft in the whole series. Unlike their counterparts in other armed forces where they operated the more advanced VTOL aircraft. Although shown to have limited arsenal the Zilkhstanian Air Force are shown to be quite effective and able to go up against newer generation knightmare frames of the Black Knights.

Uniforms of the Zilkhstanian's Military[]

Zilkh uniforms

The Uniforms across the Branches of the Zilkhstanian's Military

The dress uniforms of the Zilkhstanian's Military incorporated ethnic design with distinct colors and accessories to denote rank, organizations and each soldier's role within the military.

Starting from left to right:[]

  • Shario's advisor. Wears an all white uniform, with a black accent, white cap, white cape, green garter, red sash and black boots.
  • High ranking officers within the military are denoted with a dark green hat featuring an inverted geass sigil, dark green uniform, side cape. black garter and black boots. And they are seen carrying side-arm.
  • Operators. Soldiers that serves behind the frontlines are seen with a lighter green uniform, black garter and black boots.
  • Private. While frontline soldiers that serves in the front and guard duty all wear a gray colored battle dress uniform, helmet with neck flap to prevent heatstroke, black garter, black gloves, and grey boots. For armaments they are typically issued with assault rifle.
  • Pilot/Devicer uniform consists of beige colored unifom, helmet capable of mounting AR display, black chest vest, black pauldrons, black gloves, brown garter and black boots. Side note the Zilkhstanian is the only faction in Code geass where the pilots actually used a helmet.
  • Shamna's Elite. They wear a full body suit resembling the Britannian one but darker brown in coloration. They also wear a spherical mask, steel pauldrons, brown rigging, brown gloves, holster, shin protector and boots. And they are shown to be carrying assault rifle during operation.
Vehicles of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan
Landships Mande Madin Su-class Land Cruiser
Armoured Fighting Vehicles Armored Train Dimine Gu - Zilkhstani Jeep
Knight Giga Fortresses Batalalan Du
Ground Knightmares Generation 4 (Ghedo Vakka - Issus)
Generation 5 (Jarja Vakka - Gun Du Goon)
Helicopters Wo Gi Helicopter Gunship
Aerial Knightmares Generation 10 (Nagid Shu Mane)
Assault Boats Zilkhstani Patrol Boat