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Zilkhstani Jeep

Zilkhstani Jeep

Zilkhstani Jeep


Light Vehicle


Kingdom of Zilkhstan


Kingdom of Zilkhstan

Propulsion Engine

Four Wheeled Drive


1x Light Autocannon

Number of Crew

1x Driver
1x Gunner


2-3x passengers

The Zilkhstani Jeep is the principled armoured fighting vehicle for the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. It is used to transport troops and support them in combat.

Design and Specifications[]

In many ways, the Zilkhstani Jeep bears close striking resemblence to the ones in the Europia United. This is largely because of their modern looks, their four wheeled drive system, the usage of a top-mounted autocannon and even the presence of a side-mounted rollbar.

The jeep therefore, could also act as a makeshift IFV, supporting infantry with heavier firepower whilst still having the capabillity to transport passengers.


  • The vehicles bears some resemblence to the real-world Humvee.
  • Due to the striking resemblence to the Europian Jeep, the one from Zilkhstan could therefore, be written off as a Europian-imported model modified for the Zilkhstani terrain.
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