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Zi-Apollo (Zi-アポロ, Zi - Aporo) is a Knightmare Frame piloted by Ash in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture.

Design & Development[]

A high-tech manoeuvrable Knightmare Frame developed for quick agility in close combats, which requires advanced pilots to operate such as Ash of the Nameless Mercenaries. For such characteristic, it has no handheld armaments except for the Slash Harkens in its shoulders, chest and hips for its unorthodox battle tactics of disarming enemy units of its weapons and stealing them as expendables. Due to the weaponless feature, its energy consumption and maintainable remain efficient for longer operation time especially with the Blaze Luminous on its arms and legs to ensure nothing can disrupt its counterattacks.

Another distinction of the unit is the Megistus Zeta (メギストスゼータ) battle mode where it lets down its head visor before displaying boosted battle capabilities.

When not in use, the knightmare is stored and concealed within the trailer of Roze's Motorhome.

Operational History[]


General Characteristics



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