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The Zetland (ゼットランド, Zettorando) is an experimental Knightmare Frame that is assigned to the Glinda Knights following the battle with the Britannian terrorist group Wings of Talleyrand in the capital Pendragon. Its operational data was eventually used for the development of the Mordred, the personal Knightmare of the Knight of Six, Anya Alstreim. Its pilot is Tink Lockhart.

Design and Specifications[]

The Zetland was developed with the goal of positional defense, equipped with strong armor and massive firepower. Its main weapon is the "Mega Hadron Launcher, which was the prototype for the Mordred's "Stark Hadron Cannon".

The Launcher is normally stored in two separate components on the Zetland's shoulders, which are unfolded and combined together in order to fire. It also has a secondary weapon known as the "All-Range Bombers". In addition, because the usefulness of the Blaze Luminous System was proved in battle by the Lancelot, it is equipped with wide-range Blaze Luminous generators on its shoulders.

The Zetland also has the ability to link with the Lancelot Grail to allow it use the Zetland as a cannon.


General Characteristics

Design Features


  • 1x Mega Hadron Launcher (stored in two components on shoulders before "unfolding" and merging together to form the Launcher)
  • All-Range Bomber


  • Zetland is an old spelling of Shetland, an archipelago and county of Scotland.


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