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The Zero Squad is an elite guard with the Black Knights under Zero's direct commander who act his personal forces. Kallen Kōzuki acted as it's captain. Savitri Kagari serves as the head of maintenance for the squad as well as their Operator on missions.

Zero Squad Members[]

Leader/Member Image
Kallen Kōzuki (Pilot/Captain) Kallen Kozuki-1-
Kinoshita (Pilot/Sub-Commander) Kinoshita
Benio Akagi (Pilot) Benico-Cockpit
Mori (Pilot) Mori-Turn14
Savitri Kagari (Head of squad maintenance and Operator) Savitri-LS1
Mario/Maya Dōmeki (Pilot) (Lost Stories) Mario-PilotCut-In
Hayashibara N/a
Kushida N/A
Itagaki N/A

Knightmare Frames[]