Zangetsu Chest Turrents

Technical Specifications

Model Number


Unit Type

Aircraft Commander

Overall Height

4.68 Meters

Gross Weight

8.09 Metric tons


Militarized Zone of India


United Federation of Nations
The Black Knights

KMF Generation




Cockpit Ejection System
Radiant Wave Technology
Optional Air Glide System



2x Shoulder-mounted machine guns
2x Hien Souga-type Slash Harkens
1x 12-tube missile launcher


Known Pilot(s)

Kyoshiro Tohdoh



The Zangetsu (斬月 Zangetsu, lit. Slashing Moon) is an eighth generation Knightmare Frame constructed for Kyoshiro Tohdoh's personal use. It bears great resemblance to his old customized Gekka Kyoshiro Tohdoh Custom, retaining the same paint-job, shoulder armor and the hair-like attachments. Its performance is well above a standard Gekka, however; it is capable of matching some of the more advanced Britannian Knightmares.

Design and SpecificationsEdit

While it carries the same single Slash Harken and Seidoutou (制動刀 Seidoutou, lit. "Brake Sword") as the Gekka, it also implements some new weaponry, namely a pair of shoulder-mounted machine cannons and Radiant Wave Shielding System. These new technologies would later be incorporated into the Akatsuki Command Model Zikisan. It can also make use of the same Air Glide Wing/Missile Launcher combo unit as the Akatsuki. In Power of Passion, it was seen to use its hair-like attachments as a shield against Lancelot Conquista's kick. In such occasions, it is referred as the Type-04/F1C Zangetsu Flight-Enabled Version

Operational HistoryEdit

The Zangetsu makes its first appearance during the kidnapping of Empress Tianzi fighting against Suzaku's Lancelot Conquista. It shows most of its new features against him, throwing him off guard, but later on recovers. It makes its final appearance during the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement. The Zangetsu is badly damaged when Lelouch vi Britannia sets off the Sakuradite in Mount Fuji to destroy a large portion of the Black Knights' forces, but Tohdoh continues to fight until his machine is finally destroyed in combat with Suzaku Kururugi and his Lancelot Albion.


Zangetsu - Line Art
General Characteristics
  • Crew: One
  • Height: 4.68 meters
  • Weight: 8.09 metric tons (9.08 metric tons in Flight-Enabled version)
  • Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Design Features


  • 1x Seidoutou (制動刀, Seidoutou, lit. "Brake Sword")
  • 2x Shoulder-mounted Machine Gun Turrets
  • 2x Hien Souga-type Slash Harkens (飛燕爪牙, lit. Flying Swallow Nail Fang - スラッシュハーケン, Surasshuhāken) (1x Left-Chest mounted and 1x Sword-mounted (at the end of the sword handle))

Optional Armaments

  • 12-tube Missile Launcher x1 (sometimes equipped to its Air Glide Wing System)

Trivia Edit

  • Zangetsu is also the name of main character Ichigo Kurosaki's Zanpakutō in the hit anime series Bleach. Ichigo Kurosaki's English voice actor is Johnny Young Bosch, the same English voice actor as Lelouch Lamperouge. Also, Tohdoh's Zangetsu's color scheme is black and red, the same as Ichigo Kurosaki's.

Gallery Edit

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