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Yukiya Naruse (成瀬ユキヤ Naruse Yukiya) is a major character of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.

He is a young man who belongs to Ryo's group. He excels at collecting data and handling explosives. Yukiya is also extremely adept at tech related skills, bypassing Glasgow security measures and forging pilot credentials for Ryo, as well as hacking, undetected, into a military grade security system.

In the end of episode 5, He along with the rest of W-O squad also with Ashra Strike Force live a quite life with the grannies.


Yukiya have spiky light-brown hair and bright green eyes.


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Character Outline[]

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Character History[]

Yukiya, approximately three years prior to the events in Akito the Exiled, suffered from domestic abuse from other Japanese school boys who maimed his left hand and left him with a large scar spanning almost the full length of his hand. Because of this, Yukiya constructed an IED and bombed his school, killing his classmates and any others inside with the explosions and subsequent collapse, fleeing the ghetto via the sewers, it was there that he met Ryo and his Terrorist group whom he eventually referred to as his family. Due to the physical and mental trauma of his abuse; he bares a strong hatred of the Japanese people and no longer considers himself of Japanese descent. Yukiya and his group put Ryo's plot into action by attacking the convoy responsible for escorting General Smilas. Their plan was executed perfectly, until Akito Hyuga joined the scene, he destroyed Ryo's Knightmare Frame, resulting in their group failing to kidnap the E.U. General, Gene Smilas. However, he and his cohorts are recruited by Leila and acquitted of their criminal charges. Yukiya is now part of the "wZERO" group, piloting a Special Forces Knightmare, the Alexander Type-02. Yukiya's Knightmare, while of the same model; is equipped with a long range rifle.

After receiving his Alexander Valiant, he participate infiltrate mission of Galia Grande. After Yukiya's comrades leave the ship,he was last one on the ship. So he was involved in the explosion due to Shin Hyuga Shaing ordered to shot down the ship Fortunately, Yukiya's Alexander Valiant remained intact. However, Yukiya was knocked out,render him unconscious and his Alexander Valiant is sinking to the abyss.To save Yukiya, Anna suggested to use Akito's Alexander's BRS to access Yukiya's Alexander Valiant's system,activating the balloons to float the cockpit up.

He was hospitalized afterwards due to having grave injuries but survived.


Ryo Sayama[]

Ayano Kosaka[]

Ayano and Yukiya possess a bond similar to that of an older sister and younger brother. He enjoys teasing her and she, in turn, can be pushy and fairly teasing herself towards him. Despite this, the two share a loving bond, with both considering each other as family. Despite this, Ayano can finds Yukiya’s senses of humor and fun as disturbing. When Yukiya was recovering from his near fatal injuries prior to the second battle, she stayed by his side till he recovered and was overjoyed when he awakened, to the point of hugging him.

Akito Hyuga[]

Leila Malcal[]

Anna Clément[]

Although Anna has not yet expressed it to Yukiya, she has secretly fallen in love with him. This attraction most likely stems from Yukiya’s skill with computers and technology, concepts that Anna specializes in. She also primarily seems unbothered by his criminal and terrorist past, despite knowing of his bombing of his former school and the murder of his classmates. Despite her feelings for him, Anna is too shy to confess to Yukiya how she really feels, leaving him unaware of her affections. When Anna had learned that Yukiya sustained critical injuries during the airship, she was horrified to the point where she fainted and later cried in her sleep. Before fainting she referred to him as “my poor Yukiya”.


  • (To Leila Malcal) "Leila, I finally understand, I realized there's no point to hate world, And if it's for my friends, I can love even the world."


  • Yukiya's surname Naruse means "become" (成) (naru) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).


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