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Yoko Araki (新城陽子) is one of the minor characters in Code Geass: Roze of the Recapture. She is a member of the Seven Shining Stars.


Yoko is a voluptuous young woman of moderate height with fair skin and blue eyes. She has long brown hair with her bangs slightly parted on the left by hairclips.

Yoko's outfit consists of a collared blue vest with orange trim above a black crop top paired with long blue gloves. She also wears a matching blue skirt with an orange waistband connected with fishnets on the sides along with black thigh high stockings and boots. She has a purple choker necklace with an orange pendant.


Yoko appears to be very straightforward, evidenced by her openly admitting she finds Ash Phoenix attractive. She considers Ash's washing of a stray cat to be adorable and hugs Haruka Rutaka when she returns from the attack on Abashiri Prison, showing that she is a caring person.

Character History[]

During year 7 of the Kowa Period, Yoko is a member of the Japanese resistance group known as the Seven Shining Stars. She is first seen with the rest of the group inside their hideout located in Otaru, Hokkaido discussing the possibility of working with the Nameless Mercenaries. She explains that the Nameless Mercenaries just showed up around a year ago and the only intel they have on them is that they are Britannian brothers.

Yoko is present when Isao Monobe formally accepts Roze and Ash into their group after they proved themselves by defeating two of the Einbergs during the Kirkwayne Skirmish. From there they begin to prepare a mission to rescue their captured comrades within Abashiri Prision.

Before the mission, Yoko develops an attraction to Ash based on his behavior with the group. When the group returns from the Abashiri Prison raid, Yoko and Yuri Sano both hug Haruka after the successful mission.

After relocating to their new hideout in Hakodate, Yoko celebrates with the rest of the group for a successful counterattack against Heath Lott. She is present when the group receives a new shipment of Knightmare Frames and questions Kuruto as to who would be their ace pilot, with Roze taking the role of assigning it.

Yoko attends the planning meeting with the group discussing the status of princess Sakuya's ascension. She is surprised when Roze reveals that Sakuya was released from Abashiri prison and relocated following their earlier raid, explaining to the group that she is not their enemy and is simply being manipulated by Norland von Lunebelg. Yoko is further excited when Roze announcing additional convoys are incoming but is shocked when the Black Knights transport convoy is revealed to be a massive, modified submarine.

Yoko is present for Nina Einstein's briefing on the new F.L.E.I.J.A. Eliminator as well as during the negotiations to establish an alliance between the Japanese resistance groups in Hokkaido. She is also present when Kuruto announces that Haruka has been selected as the ace pilot of the Keisetsu.