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Wo Gi

Wo Gi

Su-DID Wo Gi


Assault Helicopter


Kingdom of Zilkhstan


Kingdom of Zilkhstan

Propulsion Engine



1x Ventral Cannon
2x Missile Pods

Number of Crew

1x Pilot
1x Co-pilot

The Wo Gi is the principle combat aircraft of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan and a rough equivelent of the various VTOL Gunships used by the superpowers.

Design and Specifications[]

Unlike the majority of the aircraft shown in Code Geass, the Kingdom of Zilkhstan still used rotorcraft like helicopters as its mainstay combat aircraft. This maybe due to the general lack of resources for the Kingdom and its general geographic isolation which prevents the nation from gaining access to the Float System.

Whilst not as advanced as the other VTOLs shown in Code Geass, the Zilkhstani Helicopter Gunship is still a dangerous air asset, as it mounts a powerful ventral cannon and two anti-armour missile pods to fire on the target.

What is unique and odd for a rotorcraft is that the two rotorblades are situated around 45 degrees to the side of the aircraft.


  • The odd placing of the rotorblades actually makes the aircraft incredibly dangerous to operate in, as the rotorblades are placed too close together and too close to the ground. The chances of hitting an object and destroying the rotorblade is thererfore, quite high.


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