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We Can't Tell Lelouch
Audio Drama 11
"We Can't Tell Lelouch"
Original Release Date May 23rd, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The Name of the King The Night Before the Showdown

Stage 9.258 takes place shortly after the Refrain Drug pin Bust, but before the Battle of Narita.


It begins as Shirley, Kallen, Nina, Milly, and Rivalz are all vaguely talking about something that seems rather important and distressful. At that moment, Lelouch walks in and everyone immediately goes quiet. Lelouch asks if something is wrong and everyone's response implies that there is an issue but no one is willing to divulge it. Lelouch is immediately suspicious and starts mentally analyzing the situation. He starts to freak out a little and suspects that they might have discovered his alter-ego. Meanwhile, the others continue debating on how to talk to him about the mysterious problem.

Kallen's and Lelouch's eyes meet for a moment and they all go silent yet again. Instead of taking the opportunity to talk to Lelouch, Kallen backs down and Lelouch continues to mentally freak out. Lelouch then tries to get more information out of them and asks Milly if they have decided on a project. She responds that they have not and so that leaves Lelouch even more concerned. He continues to evaluate the situation while the others scold Milly for not using that opportunity to tell Lelouch.

Lelouch decides to next ask Shirley and the others if they have seen C.C. around campus. Once again Shirley misses her opportunity to talk to Lelouch and simply says that she has not. This makes Lelouch slightly more confident that they have not discovered his identity as Zero.

The same situation continues a little longer as Lelouch fruitlessly tries to pry out more information and then the others vainly attempt to tell him something important. Unfortunately, neither party makes much progress and Lelouch is just about to use his Geass on them in order to stop any suspicions when Suzaku finally arrives. He bluntly states that Lelouch has rice stuck to the corners of his mouth and that was apparently the whole issue that the others wanted to tell him about. Lelouch grows embarrassed and claims he put the rice there on purpose.