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The Wang Hu (王虎, Wáng Hǔ, lit. "King Tiger") is a Knightmare Frame that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories. It stated to be the brother machine of the Shen Hu.

Design and Development[]

The Wang Hu was developed at the Jabalpur Research in the Militarized Zone of India by Rakshata Chawla and her colleagues. Part of the XT series, four Knightmare Frames built for the Chinese Federation, it boasts combat performance comparable to its brother machine, the Shen Hu. However, its chest compartment is empty and it does not possess a Baryon cannon like its counterpart.

Following the Chao Uprising Incident, Rakshata and her team installed a Radiation Barrier Generator into its empty chest compartment.

Operational History[]

Following its construction, it rested in storage at the Jabalpur Research Center. During the Chao Uprising Incident and occupation of Jabalpur, it was obtained by Chao Lei Feng and he used it to travel to the Vermillion Forbidden City on his own while the rest of the forces remained as a decoy.

Arriving at the palace and claiming he would take the life of the Tianzi, he engaged Shinichirō Tamaki in combat and effortlessly bested the Black Knight pilot. This however bought enough time for Li Xingke to arrive in the Shen Hu. Demanding to know why a man like him was doing this, the two fought one-on-one and seemed to be equally matched. As the Wang Hu's chest compartment opened, most feared he would fire the canon at Tianzi and Xingke readied his own machine's cannon, unaware that the Wang Hu did not possess the same weapon. Before he could fire it, he was stopped by the arrival of Dōmeki, who urged him to stand down as it was revealed to Xingke and the Black Knights that the Wang Hu's chest was actually empty.

Following the Chao Uprising Incident and Lei Feng being pardoned, he requested of Rakshata for the Wang Hu to be completed. He would go on to participate alongside Xingke in the battle to retake Japan.