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The Wailing Prison is a special prison located in the Gimsula plain within the border of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan. The Warden of the Wailing Prison was Belq Batoum Bitool. The prison was built on top of an ancient structure and is commented by Lloyd that they imprison both bandits and political prisoners alike.  


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Signs warning people about the prison

The Wailing Prison is located in harsh desert atop a canyon making escape nigh impossible. Not only it's hard to escape from it's also hard to get in and the only way in or out is through a drawbridge. It is even capable of holding out against an army if it needs to because the prison have an intricate defense system in place and even possesses Knightmare Frames.


Bitool's personal army consist of both prisoners and guards

While the outside prison may seems bad it doesn't even compare to the situation inside where it's more likely where it gets it name from. The warden of the Wailing Prison Belq treats the prison like its own mini kingdom where the prisoners and even the prison guards are treated as his subjects some even as part of personal army. Belq even sometimes disguised himself as a prisoner in order to amuse himself. And it's hinted that he and his group of thugs may have committed sexual violence against a number of female prisoners before C.C. and Kallen brought Lelouch in.

The prison consists of multiple floors and is also extremely big more than it should be. Mostly because it was built on top of an existent structure. They have an area so large multiple knightmare frames are actually able to fight it out. They also have a clinic and a special room to house their more important prisoner like Suzaku.

Further below there's an underground waterway which lead to an ancient temple housing the Aramu Gate and a historical artifacts denoting the creation of the country.

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