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The wZERO Unit is a secret special unit within the Europia United army that participates in the war against the Britannian invasion of Europe. Its command and operating staff are made of E.U. officers, while its troops and Knightmare pilots are composed of "Elevens", former Japanese who were recruited from the ghettos of "Île de la Cité" in Paris. This unit's duty is to undertake highly dangerous missions with low percentage of survival. The wZero unit was created with two ideas in mind. To test new Knightmare Frame tactics based off the Alexander and to create an "eleven units" to avoid the death E.U. citizens. They are based in the fortified castle of Weisswolf.

Since the war with Britannia began, The Council of Forty began recruiting a unit of non-EU citizens to fight in the front line, to prevent more casualties and deaths being inflicted on their troops. The Elevens (Japanese) population from Île de la Cité, an Island in Paris were they have been exiled by Britannia, were recruited by the E.U. with the condition that they and their families would be granted E.U. citizenship if they join the military.

The existence of this unit is unknown to the public and E.U. members and scientists are tasked with supervising them, while they participate in suicide missions that often sends pilots to their deaths. The recent commander of the wZERO, Anou, had nearly sacrificed the entire wZERO because of his incompetence with Akito being the only survivor of his most recent mission before Ryo and his group joined. Their main Knightmares are the Alexanders.

The letter w in the squad's name refers to a winged dragon-like reptile called wyvern, which is the team's symbol, as seen on the left arm of the members in the red part of the uniform.

Organization Background[]

With increasing war-weariness among the E.U. population because of the prolonged war with Britannia and its high death tolls among the citizens, the E.U. government decides to create the secret "wZERO" unit. By recruiting young "Elevens" from the ghettos and promising them some freedom in exchange for distinguished military service, the E.U. government sends out the wZERO onto highly dangerous battlefields with little chances of survival in order to ensure the safe return of regular E.U. soldiers. In other words, the Eleven soldiers were asked to "die in place of E.U. citizens". Their first major campaign is to rescue the E.U. Army's 132nd Regiment, who failed in recapturing St. Petersburg and are now surrounded by the Britannian Army in the city of Narva.


Wyvern Squad

Members of the Wvyern Squad

EU Military Officers[]

Knightmare Pilots[]


Wyvern Squad[]

The Knightmare Frame dedicated Combat Units in the wZERO squad that are composed of Elevens. The reason why the squad consisted of Elevens is due to the E.U. public opinion that prohibited the use of Europian citizens to serves in what essentially is a suicide squad. The Elevens were recruited in the promise of citizenship for them and their families. While originally the squad consisted of dozens of people during the start of the movie but due to the use of suicide tactics by Pierre Anou to help with the withdrawal of the 132 Regiments their numbers reduced to just one leaving Akito the only survivor of the operation until Leila added more people to the squad increasing the number of the squad to four, Akito, Ryo, Yukiya, and Ayano. Leila may also be deployed in a Alexander if the situation demands it for her to command the operation personally.

Hammel's Special Forces[]

Hamel specops

In addition to the Wyven Squad Hammel's special forces they also serve as wZERO combat units providing security to the castle and can serve as special forces on the ground if needed but mostly seen doing the role of the former.

Hammel's soldiers are also trained in Knightmare Frame combat but never deployed alongside the Wyvern Squad most likely due to political consideration. It is not until Weisswolf castle is under attack that the two squads finally works together.



W-0's Headquarters

wZERO's main headquarters is the castle Weisswolf ("White Wolf" in German), situated on the border of France and Germany. The castle stands on an island in the middle of a lake, surrounded by thick forest and ruins from the days of the Roman Empire.

Underneath the headquarters is an underground facility with automated manufacturing equipment for upgrading or producing Alexander Knightmares. In addition, the facility included a launch facility for an intercontinental missile called Apollos' Chariot. In addition to potential use for launching warheads, it was also used for inserting Knightmares behind enemy lines from orbit.

Chariot 5

Apollo's Chariot re-entry vehicles deploying

The castle defense grid consisted of at least three layers: automatic turrets (very similar to a stationed Panzer-Hummel from the torso up), minefields, and several force-field augmented "walls" that were stored underground but could be raised up in case of emergency.

As revealed in the end, castle Weisswolf was owned by the Breisgau family even before the revolution.