The Vincent Blaze is a custom Vincent Knightmare for the personal use of Ledo Offen.

Design and DevelopmentEdit

Customizing the Vincent Knightmare Frame for Ledo's personal use, the Vincent Blaze possesses two Blaze Luminous generators mounted on its shoulders. The Blaze Luminous can also be connected to the fists of the Knightmare and be used for melee combat. However, because of this equipment, the Vincent Blaze lacks factspheres in the shoulders like the standard Vincent and instead only in the head like older model Knightmares.

The Vincent Blaze also possesses all the same armaments as the standard Vincent, including the Needle Blazers and lance-type MVS. The Slash Harkens are also of a different design than the standard Vincent, with the Harken being longer than the regular version.


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