Viceroy Palace front
Viceroy's Palace of Area 11
Location Tokyo Settlement, Area 11
Primary User Central Regional Government
Real World
Appears in The Day a New Demon was Born

The Viceroy's Palace of Area 11 is the center of government for Area 11. It is located in the middle of the Tokyo Settlement. All government is centered here with the Viceroy and Sub-Viceroy being at the head.


Viceroy Palace, also called the Government Borough, is the main location of Area 11's government. The Royal Guard and other forces station here when the viceroy is present in the Tokyo Settlement. This particular borough was designed and built by Clovis la Britannia. The rooftop gardens resembles Aries Villa back in the homeland. The palace is furnished lavishly, and notably contains a throne room for the Viceroy which has similarities to the Emperor's Throne Room. All major defenses radiate out from the Viceroy's Palace and are commanded by the Viceroy from the palace or from the G1.

Second Battle of Tokyo Edit

The Viceroy's Palace was destroyed after a F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead was detonated in the middle of the Tokyo Settlement. It is not stated if it was rebuilt after the reconstruction of Tokyo.


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