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Vercingetorix Flight Unit

Vercingetorix Flight Unit

Vercingetorix Flight Unit


Flight Unit


Holy Britannian Empire
Euro Britannia


Holy Britannian Empire
Euro Britannia

Propulsion Engine

Super Electromagnetic Propulsion Motors

Special Equipment


Number of Crew

1x Knightmare Pilot
1x Knightmare Co-pilot

The Vercingetorix Flight Unit is the Vercingetorix's own personnal one-time use aircraft used to launch the Vercingetorix in the air and drop it down behind enemy lines.

Design and Specifications[]

Due to the cost and high target priorities of the Vercingetorix, the need to transport the Knightmare Frame in a safer manner proved with utmost importance. As the Vercingetorix is too bulky for even a personal Float System, Britannia began to construct an aircraft that is specialised in only transporting the Vercingetorix.

As such, Britannia created a large Flight Unit aircraft that was gilded in gold just like the Vercingetorix. Unlike normal VTOLs, the Vercingetorix Flight Unit ran on two Super Electromagnetic Propulsion Motors, which creates a quick boost, making it good on shorter runways. To make it so that the aircraft isn't too specialised, it is able to mount a pod big enough to carry the Gracchus under its left wing whilst still carrying a fuel pod on its right. The Vercingetorix itself sit on the front of the plane.

What is interesting is the way the Flight Unit is controlled, as the pilot of the Vercingetorix also acts as the pilot for the Flight Unit. Moreover, the pilot of the Gracchus would then act as the Co-pilot. After reaching the destination, the aircraft would detatch the two Knightmares. It is unknown how the Flight Unit returns, but given it is one-use only, it would most likely crash somewhere else or return via autopilot.


  • Despite being somewhat related to the Float System by role, in terms of function, it bears resemblence to military transport gliders.
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