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These are the vehicles that appeared in the Code Geass universe.

Britannian Models[]


Light Avalon

A Caerleon Class Floating Battleship

Main article: Caerleon-class

The Caerleon-class Floating Battleship (カールレオン級浮遊航空艦, Kārureon-Kyū Fuyū-Koukūkan) is a line of Britannian light aerial cruisers, also known as "Light Avalons", which commonly serve as escort ships in the Britannian Aerial Armada.


Britannian Air Force

Logres-class Floating Battleship

Main article: Logres-class Floating Battleship

The Logres-class Floating Battleship (ログレス級浮遊航空艦 Roguresu-Kyū Fuyū-Koukūkan) is a line of Britannian aerial battleships, noteworthy of their two pairs of large wings.

L'Éclair []

L'Éclair (レクレール, rekureeru) is Schneizel's flagship, prior to the completion of the Avalon.

G-1 Base[]

G1 Base

G-1 Base

The G-1 Base (G-1ベース, Ji-Wan Beesu) is a Britannian landcruiser commonly employed by the known members of the Imperial Family as a mobile command center and a field hospital. Since these mobile bases are almost always carrying someone important, they are always surrounded by motorcades of police, medical vehicles, and escorted by the regular military in the form of tanks, armored vehicles, and Knightmares

Britannian shuttle[]

Britannian shuttle

Lelouch's Personal Shuttle

The royal family uses a shuttle for personal transportation. Lelouch had a personal shuttle of this kind, and it served him throughout his reign as Emperor. Schneizel also had one of these shuttles on board the Damocles on which he attempted to escape. There are many shuttle types that Brittania utilizes to transport their officers and royals.

Knightmare VTOL[]

Knightmare Air Transport

Knightmare VTOL's in action

The Knightmare VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) are craft used by the Britannian Military to transport individual Knightmare Frames into battle. These vehicles are very numerous and seem to be controlled from the knightmare it is carrying, rather than having an on-board pilot or crew. These vehicles are used mostly for tactical purposes; whereas the larger aerial battleships like the Caerleon-class and Logres-class are optimized for strategic purposes.

VTOL Gunship[]


Britannian VTOL gunship

Generally dubbed VTOLs, these aircraft are designed for close support of Britannian ground units. They appear regularly in the anime and manga. Each is armed with a ventral cannon as standard, along with at least two hard-points on the wings, which generally carry rocket pods.

United Federations of Nations models[]



Longdan (竜胆/龍蛋, Rindou, lit. Gentiana or Dragon Egg) is pyramid-shaped land-cruising mobile fortress controlled by the Chinese Federation, capable of deploying dozens of Gun-Ru Knightmares. It has two large cannons and thirteen normal cannons. Certain models are equipped with tank treads for land mobility, while others have hover systems to levitate across bodies of water.

Da Longdan[]

Da Longdan

Da Longdan along with several Longdans and several Akatsukis.

Da Longdan (大龍蛋) is a mobile fortress belonging to the Chinese Federation and its successor the United States of China. It has a similar design as the Longdan though of a much larger scale. It is also noteworthy for its large bow cannon, which is perhaps the largest conventional gunnery weapon in Code Geass.

Black Knights' Submarine[]

Vehicle - Black Knight's Submarine - A

The Black Knights Submarine

Prior to giving the Black Knights the Ikaruga, Kyoto provided them with a high-speed submarine, which is simply known as "Black Knights' Submarine" (黒の騎士団潜水艦, Kuro no Kishi-Dan Sensuikan) which served as the Black Knights' base during their time in Area 11. It has torpedo launchers and cruise missile launchers, as well as cargo storage for Knightmares. It also has two Slash Harken-like anchors.

Other Vehicles[]

Vehicles of the Holy Britannian Empire and Euro Britannia
Knights of the Round
Knights of the Round Knightmares Florence - Galahad - Lancelot (Conquista - Albion - Club - Albion Zero) - Mordred - Palomides - Percival - Tristan (Divider)
Sheffield Eye
Landships G-1 Base-class Land Cruiser
Britannian Superheavy Railway Gun
Armoured Fighting Vehicles Britannian APC - Britannian Tank
Britannian Armoured Train - Britannian Jeep
Transport Vehicles Black Knights Command Vehicle - Britannian Ambulance
Dispatch Trailer
Ground Knightmares Generation 3 (Ganymede)
Generation 4 (Glasgow - Knightpolice - MR-1 - Prytwen)
Generation 5 (Canterbury - Gekka Alonso (Custom)
Gloucester (Blue Barons - Cornelia - Glinda - Pluton - Swordsman) - Liverpool
Sutherland (Club - Eye - Glinda - Ledo - Pluton Custom - Schnee))
Generation 6 (Equus)
Generation 7 (Ahuramazda - Brighton - Gawain - Gracchus
Lancelot Grail - Vercingetorix - Vincent (Gram - Ward - Glinda
Snipe - Blaze - Pluton) - Zetland (Heart))
Airships Avalon-class Aircraft Carrier/Battleship - Caerleon-class Floating Battleship - Gallia Grande-class Floating Ark
Logres-class Floating Battleship - Britannian Transport Blimp
Transport Aircraft Britannian Transport Plane - Britannian Shuttle
Britannian Heavy Transport Plane - Vercingetorix Flight Unit
Fighter Aircraft Britannian Jet Fighter
VTOL Britannian Knightmare Carrier VTOL - Britannian VTOL Gunship
Britannian VTOL Transport
Knight Giga Fortresses Elphaba - Siegfried
Aerial Knightmares Generation 7 (Aquila - Bradford (Brave) - Lancelot HighGrail
(Frontier) - Somerset - Vincent (Command Model) - Gareth)
Miscellaneous Aircraft Britannian Police Aircraft
Seaships Dreadnought-class Carrier-Battleship - Britannian Carrier-Battleship - Britannian Destroyer
Assault Boats Britannian Landing Craft
Naval Nightmares Generation 4 (Portman)
Generation 5 (Portman II)
Spaceships Damocles-class Sky Fortress
Vehicles of the United Republic of Europia and the Star of Madrid
Landships Leviathan-class Land Battleship - Giant-class Land Battleship
Medium Type-class Land Battleship
Armoured Fighting Vehicles Europian IFV - Europian Jeep - Europian SAM Vehicle
Transport Vehicles Europian Transport Trailer - Europian Troop Transport Truck
Ground Knightmares Generation 4 (Estrella - Gardmare - Panzer Hummel)
Generation 5 (Panzer-Wespe)
Generation 7 (Amanecer - Alexander (Drone - Type-02 (Leila - Ryo
Ayano - Yukiya) - Liberte - Red Ogre - Valiant (Ayano - Ryo - Yukiya))
Airships High Altitude Observation Balloon
Transport Aircraft Europian VTOL Transport
VTOL Europian VTOL Gunship
Assault Boats Europian Speedboat
Spaceships Apollo's Chariot Launch Vehicle
Vehicles of the Chinese Federation and the Militarized Zone of India
Landships Longdan-class Ground Combat Command Battleship
Armoured Fighting Vehicles Chinese Federation Artillery Tank
Transport Vehicles Chinese Cargo Truck
Ground Knightmares Generation 4 (Gun-Ru)
Generation 7 (Chuyen - Byakuen (Gouka)
Guren Type-01 (Type 02))
Airships Ikaruga-class Floating Light Carrier
Strategic Bombers Chinese Federation Strategic Bomber
VTOL Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship
Aerial Knightmares Generation 7 (Guren Type-02 (Flight-Enabled) - Shen Hu)
Seaships Chinese Federation Iceberg Ship - Black Knights' Submarine
Da Longdan-class Amphibious Floating Command Battleship
Assault Boats Chinese Federation Landing Craft
Spaceships Damocles-class Sky Fortress
Vehicles of the United Federation of Nations, Peace Mark and the Black Knights
Landships G-1 Base-class Land Cruiser
Longdan-class Ground Combat Command Battleship
Armoured Fighting Vehicles JLF Railway Flak Cart
Transport Vehicles Black Knights Command Vehicle - Chinese Cargo Truck
JLF Knightmare Transport Truck - Rocket Truck - Roze's Motorhome
Ground Knightmares Generation 4 (Bamides - Burai (Custom - Kai) - Gun-Ru - Panzer Hummel - Raikō - Glasgow Orpheus Custom)
Generation 5 (Gekka (Pre-Production - Narisuna - Shiden - Tohdoh's Gekka))
Generation 7 (Alexa Narisuna - Akatsuki (Upgrade) - Benihoozuki - Byakuen (Gouka - Rekka)
Guren Type-01 (Type-02) - Gawain - Mahoroba Type-01
Meigetsu - Quinn Roses Model-B (Model-Z) - Shinkirō - Sutherland II
Tristan Divider - Vincent - Zangetsu)
Generation 9 (Sutherland Loyal)
Unknown Generation (Sekka - Keisetsu - Zi-Apollo)
Airships Asuka-class Black Knights Small Ship - Britannian Transport Blimp
Ikaruga-class Floating Light Carrier
Transport Aircraft Federation Transport Plane - Federation Wide-body Airliner - Knightmare Transport Rocket
VTOL Chinese Federation VTOL Gunship - Black Knights' VTOL Transport
Knight Giga Fortresses Sutherland Sieg
Aerial Knightmares Generation 7 (Agravain - Akatsuki (Zikisan) - Guren Type-02
(Flight-Enabled) - Shen Hu - Vincent Ward)
Generation 9 (Gekkoei - Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements (Special)
Lancelot Albion Zero - Lancelot siN (White Fang) - Moosa)
Unknown Generation (Zi-Artemis - Zi-Ortygia)
Seaships Black Knights' Submarine - Black Knights' Tanker
Da Longdan-class Amphibious Floating Command Battleship
Federation Aircraft Carrier - Federation Cruiser - Federation Destroyer
Federation Transport Submarine
Assault Boats Black Knights' Hydrofoil - Chinese Federation Landing Craft - Knightmare Speedboat
Spaceships Damocles-class Sky Fortress
Vehicles of the Kingdom of Zilkhstan
Landships Mande Madin Su-class Land Cruiser
Armoured Fighting Vehicles Armored Train Dimine Gu - Zilkhstani Jeep
Knight Giga Fortresses Batalalan Du
Ground Knightmares Generation 4 (Ghedo Vakka - Issus)
Generation 5 (Jarja Vakka - Gun Du Goon)
Helicopters Wo Gi Helicopter Gunship
Aerial Knightmares Generation 10 (Nagid Shu Mane)
Assault Boats Zilkhstani Patrol Boat