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The Valkyrie Squadron was an elite Britannian division under the command of the Knight of Ten, Luciano Bradley. It was comprised of 4 members, two of them being Marika Soresi, sister of the late Kewell Soresi, and Liliana Vergamon, her close friend. They are both between the age of 15 and 25 and were also once soldiers under Cornelia's command. Each piloted a Vincent Commander Model in a custom light pink/dark pink paint scheme. In the series, they served alongside Luciano at the Battle of Kagoshima, wherein they eliminated an entire Black Knights ambush force at Nagasaki, and at the Second Battle of Tokyo, once more at Luciano's side. In that battle, they were instrumental in capturing Zero, and almost succeeded in killing him in tandem with Luciano. However, Kallen Kozuki ultimately interfered in the stolen Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements, and struck all four members of the unit in one swift motion, with Liliana barely even realizing they had been hit, freeing Zero and killing the quartet in the process.

The two named members originally appeared in Code Geass's novelization as new characters, acting as foils to elaborate on Cornelia's character. Despite not appearing in Code Geass's first season, they were added as members of the Valkyrie Squad as a nod towards the novels, despite being relatively ineffectual and unimportant within the series. They also appeared in the Code Geass: Oz The Reflection series, wherre Marika's death was retconned into her fiance Leonhardt Steiner saving her.

In the compilation movies, the Valkyrie Squadron was renamed the Abraham Squadron, and is all-male instead of all-female. In place of Marika, her brother Kewell is a member here, only being killed by Kallen during the Battle of Tokyo and not the Battle of Narita.

Leader and Known Members[]

Leader/Members Image
Luciano Bradley (Leader) - (Deceased) Luciano Bradley
Marika Soresi (Member) Marika Soresi
Liliana Vergamon (Member) - (Deceased) Liliana Vergamon
Unknown Member #1 (Member) - (Deceased)
Unknown Member #2 (Member) - (Deceased)