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<gallery widths="180" orientation="none" captionalign="left">
<gallery widths="180" orientation="none" captionalign="left">
Knightmare_VTOL_carrying_Cornelia's_Gloucester.png|Knightmare VTOL carrying Cornelia's Gloucester.
Knightmare_VTOL_carrying_Cornelia's_Gloucester.png|The Knightmare VTOL carrying [[Cornelia's Gloucester]].
Knightmare_VTOL_carrying_a_Gloucester.png|Knightmare VTOL carrying a Gloucester.
Knightmare_VTOL_carrying_a_Gloucester.png|The Knightmare VTOL carrying a [[Gloucester]].

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Knightmare Air Transport

T4 Knightmare VTOL


Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Transport Plane


Holy Britannian Empire


Holy Britannian Empire



Propulsion Engine

Float System

Number of Crew

1 person

The Knightmare VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) are crafts used by the Britannian Military to transport individual Knightmare Frames into battle.


These vehicles are very numerous and seem to be controlled from the knightmare they are carrying, rather than having an on-board pilot or crew. These vehicles are used mostly for tactical purposes; whereas the larger aerial battleships like the Caerleon-class Floating Battleship and Logres-class Floating Battleship are optimized for strategic and battle purposes. However, after the development of the Float System and Air Glide System for knightmare frames, the Knightmare VTOL is phased out in favor of those two.


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