"It would be difficult but not impossible to make an ending as good if not better than R2's ending. (I won't get in to why a third season would not likely be called "R3.") Our minds have been blown before by Sunrise in the Code Geass universe alone. Lelouch could have easily obtained his father's code when Charles conveniently placed his coded hand at Lelouch's neck right before he died. I mean, even Charles fell down "dead" once before getting up and showing Lelouch his coded hand. Who's to say Lelouch was dead for only a few seconds and just playing dead for the rest of the whole ordeal, becoming R2 (Lelouch Lamperouge) or L2 (depending on your language preference)?"

"The only thing I can see being the issue is the possibility that the creator of the series actually saying lelouch is dead. Where's the proof? I'm not saying I wouldn't believe it, I just only hear it from people who are not in any position to make an official declaration. If you know how to find a link to the actual statement of the actual creator please respond, if not, don't try to tell us something you can't prove."

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