Code Geass R3


Okay, ever since Code Geass R2 many fans wanted a third season.

They also left many unaswered questions that should be answered in a third season.

How did Suzaku survive the Lancelot explosion?

How did Lord Gilferd survive the Fleia blast at the Tokyo Settlement?

Are there any other Geass users?

What is Suzaku's Geass?

What happened to Britannia after Lelouch died?

What happened to the Knights of the Round?

Did Lelouch Really die?

If Lelouch really died what happened to the people affected by his Geass?

Now you may be saying a third season will ruin Code Geass. It's a possibility, but it's a risk we have to take.

Who knows it might improve and make Code Geass more popular in the States,hence making english Geass games and more fans. Now you're saying, how will it start out? I will give you examples.

It could start out like this...

A person with Geass starts ragnarok and brings back Charles, V2, Marianne, Rolo, Mao, Shirley, Euphemia, The dead Knights of the Round and the whole Geass Order and sets out to kill Lelouch. Lelouch goes to Zero and asks for help. Or..

Someone discovers Suzaku and Lelouch's secret of Zero Requiem and wants to rid the world of Lelouch. Or..

Chaos breaks out and a secret group overpowers Britannia forcing war and Lelouch must return as Zero.

There are much more, but we have to go on.

Now a third season could bring about more and BETTER mechandise and bring Sunrise more fans and money.

Also R3 could bring Code Geass games to America and happier fans. Also all the fans will shut up about R3 and go back to admiring Sunrise and not critizing it.Those are only some reasons why R3 should be created. i'll keep on posting more stuff and info on Code Geass R3. 

For the last time I am only stating. Also I DON'T KNOW if a third season is POSSIBLE!!!! I am on both sides on the card. I do and don't want this part of the series to continue. What I do know for certain is that a few mangas will be made set in different periods of time. Anyway later on I'll make another page based on future Code Geass projects. Until then Zero is out.


There are two new projects coming out.

The first is Code Geass:Renya of the Darkness/Jet Black Renya which is a manga

The second is Code Geass GAIDEN:Boukoku No Akito which is either an OVA or an actual show

Look up Code Geass GAIDEN in Youtube and you'll find a trailer = =


There is an english version of Renya of the Darkness. So far it isn't much, but it's better than nothing.Another thingis that once you read it, don't jump to conclusions.

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