Will announce new game by Bamco and Koei.

The third member of Valkyrie Squadron is Laila la Britannia, sister of Clovis la Britannia. Survived by Unknown protagonist. fourth member is unknown.
The age order is ??? > Liliana > Laila > Marika.


The stories will have the following:
Story A: Normal
Story B: Good
Story C: Best

Story A: Normal ending

Same as Anime

Story B: Good ending

  • Euphemia has survived and no massacres
  • No FLEIJA developments
  • No Shirley and Rolo deaths
  • Lelouch has survived at last
  • The 99th Emperor is Euphemia
  • Cornelia has died
  • Suzaku and Euphemia marriage

Story C: Best ending

  • Included first four from Story B
  • Clovis is survived by his sister, Laila
  • Knights of the Round is teammate
  • The 99th Emperor is Kaguya
  • Xingke and Tohdoh have died
  • Clovis and Kaguya marriage

Charles and Marianne have died, but different from original. Someone has died in Good or Best, who active in Normal.

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