I thought this might be a good place to get that out here. Myself and a friend are looking at putting together an online forum-based RP set in the Code Geass universe, and I wanted to find out if anyone'd be interested in participating. 

We're still in the process of determining what we're looking to run story-wise, but we're looking at three possible ideas.

1. An Alternate-R2 type story about a Britannian paramilitary unit tasked with combating anti-Britannian resistance in one of the Areas not depicted in the series.

2. An Alternate-R1 type scenario in which we would sort of start with a similar general premise, and see how we can change what ends up happening. Canon and Original Characters would both be permitted and encouraged, in order to keep things interesting.

3. A Post-R2 story. 

Still in the early planning stages, but curious to see if anyone'd be interested, what ideas you might have, etc...

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