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Zero: "People grasp at illusions because they are desperate for miracles."[1]
Tohdoh: "Regardless of whether you win or lose, you'll achieve nothing unless you are prepared to sacrifice everything, and that goes for countries as well as individuals."[2]
Lelouch: "Wallow in remose when you have time for it!"[3]

Other QuotesEdit

  • "The actions one takes are answered by consequences waiting at their conclusion, there are no exceptions and even Lelouch power cannot change this, despite his absolute ability to make anyone obey him, there is no escaping the inventible. Lelouch has acted to avenge his mothers death, and to create a world where his younger sister Nunnally can find happiness. Now he is confronted with the results of his acts, consequences he never imagined, and there are more to come. If these unintended consequences help to create new roads, who will bear the blame for the sins that are committed, who will take the punishment, and who will measure it out?"[4]
  • "In this world, evil can arise for the best intentions, and there is good which can come from evil intentions. How then should Lelouch's actions be taken? Every man has his day of judgement, does he not? Geass, he who uses this inhumane power will find his heart isolated, whether he wants it that way or not. Thus he plummets into the abyss which lies between good and evil. But if a man can climb out of that abyss, into the light, then that man has the soul of a king."[5]
  • "The young britannia Lelouch is faced with a choice between two divergent paths. One leads to the past, in a quest to find his mothers enemy. The other way takes him to the future, where he will create a world where his little sister Nunnally can live happily. Only Lelouch can choose which direction he will go. Will he follow the path that ends in destruction of the world, or will he travel the road toward building a bright new one?"[6]

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File:Power of Passion.png File:The Day a Demon Awakens.PNG File:Negotiations.JPG File:Lancelot Albion Vs. Guren Flight SEITEN Japan.JPG File:Britannian shuttle.png File:Lelouch Death.png

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