Shi Tsu Vi Britannia

aka Shī Tsū Vui Buritania

  • I live in Philippines
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is Code Geass Wiki Contributor
  • I am Female

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  • Episode List Review each episode (WATCH It !!!! specially Season 1.)

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June 03, 2012
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If Lelouch has a saying "The one who should KILLED are those who are prepared to be KILLED"

so, in terms of love "The one who should LOVE are those who are prepared to be HURTED"

Explanation: if your not willing to hurt don't fall in love because in every love there will always Ache

June 12, 2012Edit
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is a wonderful gift that no one can buy. It is made up of love that roots from the heart and make fruits of memories not just for a minute or for a while but last for a lifetime.

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