Hi. I'm also a Code Geass fan(duh. otherwise I wouldn't be here). I got irritated by wikipedia cause of all those deletionists who erased bits and pieces of the Code Geass universe that I found informative and no less important.

I actually found this wiki by accident. One side of me liked this site cause it had info that was deleted from wikipedia. But the other side of me was disappointed cause I found to be simply bits of leftover info that wasn't organized well. After checking this a week later, I realized that there are people who are working hard to improve this wiki. So I realized that I too can help improve it. It's been a week now and this wiki has improved tremendously from the time I registered. Practically all the broken have been either removed and link and there are even stuff that wikipedia didn't have before. Everyone is working very hard and doing such a good job, especially Sploodge, Sasori Zero and The Myotis.

I'll be helping around here until all in-universe info about Code Geass has been filled in. I'm not really confident about starting my own articles, but I'll do my best to edit existing one. My goal here is for this wiki to become more reliable and sought-after site compared to the info in Wkipedia. Don't be afraid to give me suggestions on how to improve content here.

Glass Cow!

Heeheehee - Glascow has been annoying me for some time, but Glasgow redirects to Knightmare Frame. Help please?

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