U-Luna Edge Knife (Alexander)

The Uruna Edge Knife deploying from the wrist.

The Uruna Edge Knife (ウルナエッジ, Urunaejji) is a retractable hidden blade concealed in the arm shaft of a Knightmare Frame that is capable of piercing through the metal a Knightmare frame all the way to the cockpit. Developed by the Europia United, it lacks the oscillating properties of the Britannian Maser Vibration Sword or the Japanese Revolving Blade Sword, but compensates for its unusual design making an attack involving it unexpected and thus difficult to guard against. Currently the only Knightmare Frame that is known to field this technology is the Alexander Units and the Florence.


The Uruna Edge Knife is similar to the iconic Hidden Blade of the Assassin's Creed video games.

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