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United Federation of Nations
Type Multilateral Federation
First Chairman/Chairwoman Kaguya Sumeragi
Capital Waikiki
Population 1,925,000,000 (R2)
2,865,000,000 (Lelouch of the Resurrection)
Real World Countries
Eastern Africa
Central Africa
Middle East
Saudi Arabia

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
San Marino
Malay Archipelago
Sri Lanka
Outer Manchuria
North America
Central America
South America

The United Federation of Nations (2018 a.t.b.-Present) is a new multilateral supranational coalition of states created to counter Britannia's advancing domination after it has conquered most of the world. The U.F.N. flag is a white dove with three circles merging at the point where the wings and body meet, with a yellow background. Their combined territories literally split the world between the Empire and the Federation. After Zero Requiem, with the dissolution of the Holy Britannian Empire into the Principality of Britannia along with its resulting membership, the UFN eventually encompass nearly the entirely of the world.


Prior to the establishment of the UFN, the origins of the organization traces back to the Black Rebellion where Zero declares independence from Britannia and forms the United States of Japan and during the war between the Europia United and Britannia. After the failure of the first Black Rebellion, Britannia focuses on taking control of the Europia by allowing Prince Schneizel el Britannia to lead the campaign with Suzaku Kururugi, now dubbed as the Knight of Seven, aiding Euro Britannia in a conquest, gaining a foothold in Europia. At the same time the E.U. war, the Second Black Rebellion began after Lelouch regained his memories during the Battle of Babel Tower, donning the name of Zero and reestablishes the United States of Japan, following the Black Knights' Rescue Operation to regain larger numbers of strength. Once Viceroy Nunnally Vi Britannia establishes the Specially Administrative Zone of Japan, Zero had the Black Knights joined the Special Administrative Zone in order to escape to the Chinese Federation in order to form an alliance with them. During the coup de'tat of the Chinese Federation led by Li Xingke, the Black Knights had successfully broken up the corrupted system of the Chinese Federation into smaller independent nations. From there, they would then set out to defeat any factions and separatist movements that remain within the Federation and form an alliance with the independent nations that have broken away from the Chinese Federation and the Europia United

Creation of the United Federation of Nations

In order to combat Britannia successfully, Zero, the leader of the Black Knights and leader of the United States of Japan, proposed a federation of all nations. Initially called United States Alliance, it was first joined by the United States of Japan, followed by the Chinese Federation with the death of the High Eunuchs in order to match Britannia's might. By then, India has already agreed to the plan and has sent troops to aid the Black Knights, while Mongolia and Burma have joined them as well. Italy, Poland, and many other nations from the Europia United soon followed after its collapse, and the exiled governments from the Areas have also joined. Ratified by 47 independent nations, the United Federations of Nations was born consisting of the formerly providences of the Chinese Federation, the newly formed, United States of China, the Europia United, and the United States of Japan. Following the establishment of the United States Charter, the member nations are now abandoning independent military forces and devoted all military support for Order of the Black Knights as their primary military force in exchange for military personal, funding, and support of all the member nations Its first resolution was to take action against the occupation of Japan by Britannia, which led to the open war between U.F.N. and Britannia. After the Second Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Prince Schneizel el Britannia and the remaining representatives of the Black Knights called for a ceasefire and allows the secession of Japan into the UFN territory. Unknownst to the general public, the leaders of the Black Knights bargained with Schneizel and Cornelia to betray Zero in exchange for the independence of Japan. 

One month later, Lelouch takes control of the Britannian Empire and leads it on a path to joining the U.F.N., with the entrance ceremony taking place in the neutral area of Japan. Kaguya and the others easily see through the fact that Britannia's large population would give it a majority vote in the U.F.N., effectively giving Lelouch control of the organization, and try to get him to either allow territories within Britannia to secede or limit his voting power. Lelouch rebukes the deal and has openly taken all the leaders of the U.F.N. hostage, as he wishes to force the issue.

The UFN and Britannia are locked in another global conflict. After Schneizel obliterated the Britannian capital city, Pendragon with the F.L.E.I.J.A. weapon, the UFN forces have engaged the disorganized Britannian military forces with Lelouch and Schneizel fighting for control at the Battle of Mt. Fuji with Lelouch emerging victorious over the battle and taking control of the Damocles

After seizing control of the UFN and the Black Knights, Lelouch assimulates and unites the remaining European countries from the Europia United, and the remaining independent African nations prior to its establishment as well as Britannia into the UFN. After his death, the whole world is united, forming the new incarnation of the UFN and the Black Knights. Kaguya regains leadership over the UFN once more while Suzaku, the new Zero, gains leadership over the newly reformed Black Knights. 

In the first year of the Kowa Period , after the Zero Requiem and the death of Lelouch vi Britannia, the United Federation has undergone heavy reorganization with the Britannian military assimilating into the Black Knights, ushering a new era of peace and stability and more than 80% of the world has joined the UFN with its headquarters located at Waikiki, Hawwaii.


United Federation of Nations and Britannian territories

In total, 47 nations joined the UFN. Nations that joined include the United States of Japan, nations on territory controlled by the former Chinese Federation, the Eastern and Central Africa, Middle East Federation, Scandinavia region, Italy, parts of Eastern and Central Europe and the majority of the Asian Continent. Several EU member-states, and Australia, decided to remain neutral for reasons unknown.


Many of its laws are centered around the United States Charter, and obligations towards the Charter supersede the laws of individual nations. Decisions in the U.F.N. are determined by a two-thirds majority vote by the leaders of each country, with the population of each country determining their voting percentage.

Chairman/Chairwoman of U.F.N


Main article: Order of the Black Knights

According to charter's paragraph 17, states that ratified the United States Charter must forever resign their right to have an independent military power of their own. Instead, a supranational military force is created and placed under the control of the Order of the Black Knights, with the condition that all military actions must be approved by the Congress of the U.F.N. before implementation. After Lelouch seized control of the Black Knights, his Britannian forces usurped most of it until his death.

According to the analysis done by Britannian Media, United Federation of Nations' power rivals that of Britannia.

Member Nations

U.F.N. Member Nations Head of State.

Real-world references

It could be that the U.F.N. was meant as an analogue of the real-world United Nations, as this organization does not exist in Code Geass universe, possibly due to World War II never happening, or due to the continuation of imperialist policies by Britannia (the national policy of which must oppose the very idea of an organization similar to the United Nations).

However, returning to the U.F.N., one must also note that it is not an organization, but a nation of its own. The governmental system of the U.F.N., with the existence of a super national Charter superseding the individual states' laws, and a nation-independent military force, are coincidentally similar to those of the real-world United States of America, which may or may not be the inspiration of such a coalition for the authors of the show.

It could be that the United Federation of Nations is inspired by the United Federation of Planets (or UFP) from the Star Trek universe. The United Federation of Planets is very similar to the U.F.N. It has its own military, the Starfleet. Starfleet is also the major research institution of the Federation. Also, the UFP is something between a supranational organization and a nation-state.