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Turn 25
R2 Picture Drama 09
"Turn 25.01"
Original Release Date April 24, 2009
Picture Drama Chronology
Turn 22.05 The Wyvern Divided Picture Drama

Turn 25.01 is the ninth and final picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.


The remaining Student Council members gather at a rebuilt Ashford Academy after the events of the series. Ashford Academy has been rebuilt exactly the way it used to be because of Milly's grandfather. As their conversation goes, Milly states that Kallen is no longer pretending to act frail while Gino is the only one who doesn't understand. Nina also agrees while Rivalz states that Nina has changed as well. Kallen then asks Gino about an email pertaining to his status as a nobleman while Gino refutes stating that he is just a normal guy.

Villetta appears with Sayoko as they are having a conversation. Sayoko asks how Villetta feels as the wife of a Prime Minister. She admits that she would prefer to be a general instead, but that being a teacher makes her feel nostalgic.

Afterwards, it sets back to the Student Council members, where Kallen and Gino wants to know who is a better pilot between the two of them. However, they are interrupted by Milly as an order as Student Council President with Rivalz stating that he is now the current one. They are met by Nunnally vi Britannia and the leader of The Black Knights, Zero, who have come to visit them. It is revealed that Jeremiah used his Geass Canceler on the Student Council members returning all their memories back including the ones of Nunnally. Afterwards, fireworks are being shot from Jeremiah and Anya as a promise from Lelouch. Jeremiah questions if Anya wanted to go back to Ashford Academy, but she replies saying that it is okay as along as she has her memories of it. Then, Nunnally holds Zero's (Suzaku) hand, while Suzaku ponders if Lelouch is somewhere watching, and on everything that he has done and promised.