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Turn 12
R2 Picture Drama 05
"Turn 12.31"
Original Release Date January 23, 2009
Picture Drama Chronology
Turn 9.34 Turn 12.59

Turn 12.31 is the fifth picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.


Nunnally and Schneizel take some time off after the Chinese Federation's coup d'état at a newly opened casino designed by Clovis. They have a conversation about how the casino was built as a present for the late Clovis who was a man that loved to give presents.

Cécile is seen with Guilford and Kanon explaining on how the slot machine was developed in Area 11 and how to play it. Guilford is surprised by the amount of knowledge that Cécile knows in gambling and she replies that it helps with her work stress. Kanon questions if it really works and then Cécile proposes the idea of all of them gambling sometime. He appears happy about it stating that it is good to get away from all of the royalty and the Knights of the Round who he is always stuck with. Then, Suzaku is with Gino playing the slot machines when it appears that Gino won the jackpot. Gino states that he is getting bored, while Suzaku says that the slots are probably slow because its the opening day (which in fact is due to their superhuman reflexes). The conversation goes back to the other three where Guilford questions on where Anya is, with Cécile replying that she is with Nunnally. Kanon comments that they must be really good friends.

It then moves onto Anya and Nunnally who are both tasting the food at the casino. After commmenting on how wonderful the food tastes, Anya suggests she try some other kinds to which Nunnally accepts. Lloyd appears along with Cécile, Guilford, and Kanon who comments that Anya and Nunnally must be friends now. Kanon replies that it must be because of them being close in age. However, Schneizel appears and states that it must be their souls are being drawn together. But, Lloyd comments that a soul is unscientific. Kanon is seen admiring Schneizel and a flashback follows. During the flashback, it appears that Kanon had gone to the same school as Schneizel and has always thought that he was a model leader for everyone to follow. He comments that even though Schneizel was nice, he wasn't afraid to use a whip to enforce rules. Schneizel replies stating that he never had to use a whip after making an example out of Kanon.

Gino reappears with the rest of the group and asks Schneizel to gamble with him since he bested everyone else. After asking Kanon and Lloyd on whether he should gamble, Schneizel decides to and states that he will leave Gino completely defeated.