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Turn 0
R2 Picture Drama 02
"Turn 0.923"
Original Release Date August 22, 2008
Picture Drama Chronology
Turn 0.56 Turn 7.19

Turn 0.923 is the second picture drama of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. This picture drama is set shortly before episode one of the second season. It features C.C. and Kallen discussing the upcoming mission to retrieve Lelouch.


It starts with C.C. and Kallen who are staying in a safe house and the two are laying on beds. C.C. notices that Kallen has pictures of Lelouch. They go over the pictures Kallen has of Lelouch, which she claims are for surveillance purposes, but C.C. suggests otherwise calling her a "peeping tom". C.C. decides to change the subject and asks Kallen what they are going to do for food tonight. Kallen however, wonders how C.C. can be worried about food right now and mentions how the two are staying in a safe house under the guise of a frail, older sister and her supportive, cute, hard-working younger sister. She tells C.C. she should act her part, but C.C. replies that she needs nourishment in order to continue. So, Kallen tells her to just reheat the pot and eat it. C.C. however, complains that she has to eat curry and rice again for the second day in a row. She then quickly asks Kallen when Urabe will arrive. Kallen knows that C.C. is not waiting for him, but for the provisions that he brings for them. C.C. mentions the food Urabe brought last week was a work of art and that the miso soup was handmade, but she also states that he has no sense of taste.

Kallen tells C.C. to clean up the room as it is filthy, but C.C. responds that she will when she becomes tired of it and ultimately pushes the blame back to Kallen. They subsequently talk about how Lelouch learned to play the piano since he was three years old, how Shirley uses any excuse to spend time with Lelouch, and how Lelouch’s chess club likes to embarrass arrogant Britannians by taking all their clothes. Then, Kallen mentions to C.C. that she has to see Lelouch again to confirm something. Kallen then gets a call from Urabe, informing her that preparations for the airship are complete, after which C.C. feels that she’ll make Lelouch’s halted time move again. Kallen on the other hand feels that Lelouch has to become Zero again, or else…