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Toru Yoshida (吉田 徹 (よしだ とおる), Yoshida Tōru) was formerly a member of Naoto Kōzuki's resistance team before aligning himself with the Black Knights in which he is involved in the provision of logistical support. He is killed with three other members of the Black Knights during the Assault on Tokyo Settlement where they were operating a Raikō and Suzaku Kururugi in the Lancelot came and destroyed the legs of each of the units. Thus causing it to fall and explode, killing them.


Yoshida is a male with dark-brownish hair and turquoise eyes.

Character Outline[]

Yoshida was previously a member of Naoto Kōzuki's resistance team before he joined the Black Knights. He is a reliable soldier who will follow orders from his superiors such as Ohgi and eventually learned to trust Zero as well. He often wears a short-sleeved version of the Black Knights' uniform's jacket. He is an experienced pilot when using a Burai, along with other types of Knightmares, such as the Raikō. Even after his death the main resistance group members cherish him as well as everyone else that has fallen during battle.

Character History[]

First Season[]

Yoshida's first appearance is with the other members of Naoto Kōzuki's resistance team during the assault at Shinjuku Ghetto. He, along with Kallen Kōzuki and the others, go to Tokyo Tower in order to meet the person who would later reveal himself to them as Zero. Yoshida then watches on the television as Zero rescues Suzaku Kururugi from the Purebloods with the help of only Kallen and Kaname Ohgi. He later appears when the Black Knights make their first appearance to the world after the Japanese Liberation Front Hotel Incident.


Yoshida and other Black Knights operating a Raiko

During the Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Yoshida and three other members of the Black Knights were operating a Raiko and by using it's Super Electromagnetic Shrapnel Cannon, they destroyed some Britannian forces. When Suzaku appears with his Lancelot looking for Zero, Yoshida and the others try to fire another shot. However, Suzaku cuts it in half with his Maser Vibration Sword and then proceeds to destroy the Raiko's legs of each of the units, causing it to fall and explode, killing Yoshida.


  • The name Toru means "pierce, penetrate" (徹).
  • Toru's surname Yoshida means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).


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