Toromo Agency
Leader(s) Schneizel el Britannia
Headquarters Damocles
Locations Cambodia
Historical Information
Dissolution a.t.b. 2018
Notable Members
Kanon Maldini
The Toromo Agency is a research organization of Britannia that is situated in Cambodia, led by Schneizel el Britannia. The organization is highly secretive, such that even organizations like Peace Mark with wide intelligence gathering capabilities can not gather much information on it.

After the Wilbur Milvile Incident, a representative of the agency was present at a meeting held within Damocles Castle, attended by Second Prince Schneizel el Britannia and Britannian high command, about the future of air defense in the empire. Although he was not physically present, First Prince Odysseus eu Britannia remembered that the representative suggested a plan to turn the castle into a "floating island or something." 

Following the battle of St. Petersburg, the remains of an Alexander Drone were recovered and brought to the Toromo Agency and refurbished into the Florence, which came to be the personal Knightmare of the Knight of Twelve Monica Krushevsky.

Following the death of Emperor Charles zi Britannia, Schneizel el Britannia and those loyal to him were hidden in Cambodia by the Toromo Agency. After Lelouch vi Britannia's ascension to the throne, they severed their relation with the Empire and became traitors. Under Schneizel, they were able to mass-produce the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb as well as create the Aerial Fortress Damocles. It is unknown what happened to them after Lelouch won the Battle of Mt. Fuji.

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