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The Three Brothers are antagonists in the manga series, Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya.

They are triplets who seem to be the second in command of the mercenary band, and have little respect for human life. Each one of them uses a different weapon and are indicated by the number of dots on their head gear.

The first one wields a chain with a spear-like blade at its tip, the second uses a katana/long sword and the third one uses a samurai bow.

Character history[]

Swearing loyalty to Isshin Sumeragi, they attack the hidden village that Renya lives within in search of Claire li Britannia. After they return to their base, Renya appears and reveals that he killed Isshin. Outraged at this news, they attack him. The second brother attempts to stab Renya, but his cursed arm activates and dematerializes his sword and then sucks the life out of him. The remaining brothers call him a zombie and charge at him, to which Renya responds by throwing his dagger into the third brother's head and killing him. The first brother then uses his weapon wildly throughout the room, killing innocent villagers in the process.

Angered at the fact that Claire could've been hurt, Andreas Weinberg intervenes and forcefully changes the trajectory of his spear-like weapon, stabbing the first brother in his side with it.

Later, the first brother is shown to be alive during the fight between Renya and Andreas. He attempts to take Claire hostage, but is killed by Renya.


They all seem to be masters at their respective arts, indicating their position as mercenaries.

The first brother, in particular, appears to have a high tolerance to pain as he tries to take Claire hostage after he was impaled by his own weapon.