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The Song of the Secret Base
Audio Drama 03
"The Song of the Secret Base"
Original Release Date June 27th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
Nunnally Vanished The First Friend

Stage 0.522 takes place shortly after Nunnally goes missing.


Suzaku Kururugi vehemently declares that he will do what he wants to do and save who he wants to save with or without anyone's permission. Lelouch vi Britannia argues his right to look for Nunnally vi Britannia and refuses help from anyone. Suzaku calls him arrogant and bolts off into the forest to look for Nunnally.

Lelouch doesn't think Nunnally could have gotten far on her weak legs but his desperation grows as he continues his own search through the forest. Eventually he stumbles upon C.C. who is dressed in a sunflower kimono. He doesn't get a good look at her face but asks her if she has seen Nunnally. C.C. dryly informs him that such a girl has not come through this part of the forest. As Lelouch starts to wonder who this woman really is C.C. informs him that she is not his enemy and is actually just keeping an eye on things. It starts to rain and C.C. vanishes while Lelouch is distracted.

Off in the distance Lelouch hears Nunnally's voice and he sprints off after her. He finds her laughing with Suzaku in some kind of underground fort that Suzaku had created. It turns out that Nunnally had fallen into the hole and gotten knocked out. Fortunately Suzaku keeps this hidden base of his stocked with food and weapons. Furthermore, Suzaku informs Lelouch that he is too serious and since he never laughs, Nunnally doesn't either. Nunnally invites Lelouch to enter the base while he counts all the ways that Suzaku has beaten him in the recent days. Suzaku apologizes to Lelouch and tries to empathize with him. Of course Suzaku starts crying and everyone says how great Lelouch is. Suzaku drags Lelouch into the base and they spend the rest of the day huddled in the base and away from the rain outside.