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The Ragnarök Connection is the twenty-first episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.


Within the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch learns the truth of his mother's death from the Emperor and Marianne herself, then Suzaku and C.C. appears in after Lelouch. They reveal their intention and initiate Ragnarök, Lelouch realizing that the world the Emperor desires has no future. Evolving his Geass to its next level, Lelouch defeats his father with the help of the collective unconscious mind of humanity, the personification of the "gods" the Emperor sought to defeat, dissolving his parents from existence. Marianne tries to intervene, but Suzaku blocks her and says not even Euphemia would've wanted this. Afterwhich, Suzaku, still angry at Lelouch for killing Euphemia, draws his sword, but refuses to kill him. One month later, with Ragnarök prevented, Lelouch seizes the throne as the new Emperor of Britannia with the aid of Suzaku and C.C., having finally reconciled with both of them, and uses his Geass to make all dissenters in the court acknowledge him as such.


Suzaku wakes up just as Anya was about to draw on his face with a marker. He's confused about why she's there, and she tells him that right now she's Marianne. On the Ikaruga, Ohgi tells Tamaki that he'll explain things to Kaguya and Li, but one thing is sure - Lelouch can't live. As she prepares to launch in the Guren SEITEN, Kallen says that she has to get an answer from Lelouch so she can move on.

Inside the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch sits down and asks Charles who killed Marianne. Charles notes the irony in that Lelouch has always lied up to now, but he wants the truth from someone else. Lelouch says that's a given because everyone lies to fit in with others. He says that through this "assimilation" into other places, communities and nations are able to exist. He says that everyone wears a mask, and questions if this is a sin, noting that even Charles wears the mask of "Emperor". Lelouch tells Charles that neither of them can act without their masks, or personas. Charles disagrees, saying that once people realize the meaninglessness of lies, those personas will fade. In doing so, they can understand each other and end conflicts. Lelouch thinks that's just nonsense, but Charles believes otherwise. He claims that this idea is the essence of the Ragnarök Connection, which would strip away the world's "deceit" and reveal the "truth".

Outside the entrance on Kamine Island, still with Marianne as she tries to open it, C.C. tells Suzaku about "C's World". According to C.C., it is known as the "collective unconscious": a collection of human minds and their memories. She then explains how it is known by other terms - "the sea of transmigration", "the great consciousness", and to some people, it is even seen as "God." Suzaku asks if that's what he saw when they met at Narita. C.C. explains that there, during her psychic attack on him, it was mixed with Suzaku's own mind, but she admits that she doesn't know what Suzaku saw at all. Suzaku calls her irresponsible, causing C.C. to tease him by asking if he enjoys having others see into his mind. She then clarifies that the personas, or "masks", of people are what make up the collective unconscious, by acting as windows into their thoughts and memories.

Marianne gives up on trying to open the door and tells C.C. to do it. She asks if Marianne really intends to go, and Marianne insists that they do, as her husband is waiting. She then says that things would've been much smoother if C.C. had surrendered her Code to Charles earlier. Sensing her doubts, Marianne decides to enter alone. Grasping C.C's hand, Anya then touches the door, causing its symbols and C.C.’s forehead mark to glow. The personality of Marianne then leaves Anya's body and passes into the Sword of Akasha. Anya then loses consciousness as Suzaku catches her. C.C., in a rare moment of sympathy, says that she and Suzaku are very alike. She relates to his death wish and "inability to die", as she has a death wish of her own, but can't die due to her immortality.

In the sky, Bismarck destroys another Geassed pilot and spots Schneizel's Avalon approaching with the Black Knights. As she flies, Kallen tells Lelouch to stay alive, as she still needs an answer from him. Inside the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch is shocked to see Marianne as Charles warmly greets her, asking if she's an illusion. Marianne answers that she's real, but she can only take her true form inside the Ragnarök system. Charles then finally decides to tell Lelouch the truth he asked for earlier.

Charles explains that 50 years ago, he and V.V., his elder brother, were in a living hell. Their royal relatives killed each other in their attempts to gain the throne, with assassination, betrayal, and lies becoming daily occurrences. When their own mother was killed, they made a vow to create a world without lies. Marianne adds that she and C.C. agreed with that vow as well, but things changed eight years ago. On the night of her "murder", Marianne sent away Cornelia and all her guards to meet with V.V. alone. He said that Charles had changed since meeting her, and that she would ruin their pact, leaving V.V. alone. He then adds that, since the very beginning, it's always the woman that leads the man astray. Two servants then entered the room, and V.V. mowed them and Marianne down with an assault rifle. After this, V.V. made a call, signaling that Marianne was gone and to begin covering up her murder. He suggests making Nunnally a witness to the murder, and orders that it be made that his attack was perpetrated by terrorists.

As Marianne lay dying, she spotted young Anya in the hall, the girl having arrived a week prior to be trained in etiquette. As she hid behind a column and looked into Marianne's eyes, the Geass she received from C.C. activated for the first time. Marianne's power transferred her consciousness into Anya's mind. Afterwards, a terrorist attack was staged with Nunnally as the fake witness. After inhabiting Anya's mind to escape from V.V., Marianne soon realized that if she took over, she could mentally contact C.C. After C.C. discovered this, she left control of the Geass Order to V.V. and later disappeared. After the attack, Charles met with V.V. When V.V. lied about it, Charles easily saw through him, and became angry that V.V. lied to him after the pact they made with one another. Lelouch then becomes enraged, accusing Charles of blaming everything on V.V. since he's dead, pointing out how Charles exiled Lelouch and Nunnally as political hostages. Charles says that it was necessary, and Lelouch angrily questions why any parent would do such a thing. However, he then remembers C.C.'s words from when he met Mao, about keeping those he doesn't want to lose at a distance, and becomes shocked as he realizes Charles's intentions.

After a news shoot in the Tokyo Settlement ruins, Milly spots Nina looking at body bags, her eyelids still red from crying. Bismarck reports to Schneizel that they are now engaging the rebels together with the Black Knights. He then asks Schneizel how much does he actually know, which Schneizel brushes off. C.C. admits to Suzaku that she used Lelouch so she could achieve her own death. Suzaku asks if she had any regrets, but C.C. says she hardly has any, claiming that she had abandoned her humanity long ago since becoming immortal. Suzaku then states that he and C.C. aren't as alike as she thinks, and asks her to send him to the other world, saying that he can't stand idly by as everything transpires.

Charles then confirms to Lelouch that he acted in the manner that C.C.'s words described, sending him and Nunnally to Japan to keep them away from V.V. For that same reason, he had Schneizel secretly retrieve Marianne's corpse. Marianne claimed that if it remained intact, she could potentially return to it in the future. Charles explains that since Anya and Nunnally became witnesses, he was forced to play along with V.V.'s ruse, rewriting their memories to protect the plan. Lelouch is shocked as he realizes that Nunnally's blindness isn't psychosomatic. Marianne then explains more about the plan - originally, the Ragnarök Connection was intended to be launched using only one immortal Code, but it was later confirmed that they truly required two, meaning, without C.C., they couldn't ensure their plan's success. Charles stated that Marianne attempted to convince C.C. to return and aid them, but couldn't, forcing them to use Lelouch for their plan.

Lelouch then asks what was the point of all his actions until now. Charles tells Lelouch that if Ragnarök succeeds, no more tragedies will ever have to happen again. Lelouch realizes that everything he did, including the bloody struggle between Britannia and the Black Knights, was all just to lure out C.C. He then bitterly laughs as he notes that, all along, he was merely a nuisance in the grand scheme of things. As Suzaku and C.C. arrive, Lelouch asks them what are their thoughts on this. C.C. asks if Lelouch anticipated her arrival, which he confirms, as well as recognizing that she'd regained her memory, as it was required for his parents' plan. Charles then tells Suzaku that he sees no reason for him to come. Suzaku claims that he came to ask Charles the purpose of the Sword of Akasha and his plan. Charles claims that it was meant to create what Nunnally and Euphemia both desired: a gentle world, with Lelouch finally understanding his parents completely. Charles then holds out his hand, activating the Geass symbols on his hand and C.C.'s head, beginning the activation of the Ragnarök Connection. He says that he will grant C.C's wish once it is done.


As the Connection begins, all Geass ruins around the world begin to vibrate. Anya wakes up next to the door to C's World, wondering where she is. Aboard the Avalon, Kanon reports to Schneizel of the activity occurring all over the world. He then turns to Bismarck, who tells him that it is Charles's plan being set in motion. Bismarck claims that if Charles is successful, then Schneizel will be granted whatever remains of the world to rule. However, Bismarck warns Schneizel that if this occurs, the meaning of politics will forever change.

Inside C's World, the golden sky surrounding the Sword of Akasha shatters, revealing its true Dyson Sphere-like structure. Marianne joyfully proclaims that the system has begun slaying the gods. Charles then walks towards C.C., intent on absorbing her powers and completing the Ragnarök Connection. Suzaku asks Lelouch again what his motives are, but Lelouch says that's a stupid question. He says he fought for Nunnally, but Suzaku calls that an excuse. Lelouch then agrees with him, saying he fought for all the things he wanted to protect. Suzaku states that if Lelouch really means to achieve this goal, he must take action. Lelouch then adds that the action he must take requires him to reject something. He then blocks Charles' path and says he rejects his plan and all of his beliefs. He says people lie not just because they compete with one another, but also because they yearn for something. Lelouch states that Charles' world would be a stagnant one, lacking change. He calls it the same as a world of memories - secluded, something that could be hardly be called life.

Marianne asks Lelouch if he's going to reject her too, and he answers by asking if her motive is the same as Charles'. She tells him that by becoming one, they can even be reunited with those they've lost, like Euphemia, which rattles Suzaku. Lelouch acknowledges that his parents truly believe their plan to be good and just, but tells them that by trying to force their ideal world onto others, it's no different from evil. Charles says that eventually, mankind would accept their world, Lelouch angrily responding that it'll never happen. He says that regardless of their intentions, the fact remains that they abandoned him and Nunnally. When Marianne reiterates how that was meant to protect them, her son angrily asks her, "Then why didn't you stop the war between Japan and Britannia?!" Lelouch's question shocks Marianne, and even causes C.C. to take notice. Lelouch says that his parents always put their plan first, so it didn't matter if their children were alive or dead, leaving them with only pitiful excuses. Marianne tries to deny this, but Lelouch doesn't buy it; by stating how they planned to reunite the dead with the living, they inadvertently admitted that they no longer care about the future. Charles answers that the future is the Ragnarök Connection, which would create Nunnally's gentler world.

Lelouch counters that such a world would be gentle only for his parents and is nothing like what Nunnally wanted. Suzaku inwardly muses that Lelouch might be telling the truth, recalling how both Euphemia and Shirley never revealed Lelouch's identity as Zero, even till the end. Charles says that even if Lelouch is right, it doesn't matter since he's too late to prevent Ragnarök, but Lelouch points out that he's Zero, "the man who works miracles", and removes his contact lens. Charles states that his Geass is useless now, as it cannot affect him or anyone else present. Lelouch then corrects him, pointing out there's someone he hasn't accounted for: C's World, which is the will of humanity itself. He then fires one of Charles's quotes back at him: "All men are not created equal." Lelouch claims that because of that, Charles can understand that his Geass will work. Charles calls Lelouch foolish, saying that the power of kings can't defeat the gods. Lelouch corrects him again, saying that he doesn't want to fight the gods, but only make a request to them. He then looks up at the image of Jupiter, declaring that he now knows who he truly is. Using his Geass, Lelouch communicates with the collective unconscious, begging the gods to not stop the progress of time.

Marianne tries to intervene, but Suzaku blocks her, saying that no one, and especially not Euphie, would've wanted this. Marianne counters that she saved him so he could speak to her again, but Suzaku retorts that she meant to force them to meet again. Charles tries to tell Lelouch to stop, claiming that he can't make his move against the gods or all of mankind, but Lelouch answers that nonetheless, what he desires is tomorrow. A Geass sigil then appears in Lelouch's right eye as well, shocking Charles as a second, massive Geass sigil appears in the sky, signifying that Lelouch's request was accepted. The Thought Elevator begins to crumble, marking the destruction of the Ragnarök Connection. Charles and Marianne then lament how the dream they shared alongside V.V. has just been shattered. C.C. then sits on the floor, asking Charles to stop whining and claiming that it was presumptuous of them to even attempt launching Ragnarök. Charles reminds her that they still bear the marks of Geass, just as he and Marianne's bodies begin disintegrating. Lelouch claims this to be reality's response to them, shocking his parents as Charles realizes that they're now being absorbed by C's World itself. Marianne then asks why C.C.'s body isn't disappearing, as she had supported them for so long. C.C. explains that it's because she realized they were doing things just for their own sake, which Marianne feebly tries to deny.

Lelouch asks his parents if they know the meaning of Nunnally's smile. With tears flooding in his eyes, Lelouch laments why they can't understand, reminding them how their daughter was blinded and crippled. He then says that it was her way of expressing gratitude to others, since she knew there were many things she'd never be able to do on her own. Charles denounces this as a delusion, which Lelouch lividly rejects. Lelouch says that his parents turned their backs on their children and reality itself, and that there's only one truth, which is that Charles and Marianne abandoned them. Charles flies over and tries to strangle Lelouch, who holds Suzaku back from coming closer. Charles says that in rejecting him, what awaits them all now is Schneizel's world. He commands them not to judge him, saying that good and evil are two sides of the same card.


Lelouch says that even then he would deny Charles' world, and finally casts Charles and Marianne away. Aboard the Avalon, as things calm down, Bismarck sadly confirms to Schneizel that Charles is gone. Lelouch asks C.C. if she intends to die now. C.C. responds with the advice she gave him on facing death with a smile, causing him to look toward her in disdain. C.C. asks Lelouch and Suzaku what they're going to do now, having rejected Charles and accepted reality. C.C. and Suzaku point out that the fact remains that Lelouch is Euphemia's murderer, and the three are left to finally settle things.

One month later, reconstruction moves forward in the Tokyo Settlement. Milly announces that after a month of seclusion, Charles will be giving a global address to the Britannian Empire. At the Emperor's throne room in Pendragon, Odysseus, Carine, and Guinevere stand with all the other nobles. Guinevere tells them how Bismarck reported the Emperor missing, but later disappeared. Odysseus them asks her where Schneizel and the others are. Guinevere says she doesn't know, as they've received no word from Cambodia.

The entire crowd of nobles is shocked when Lelouch walks out in his school uniform and sits on the throne. Lelouch proclaims himself as the 99th Emperor, and Guinevere is surprised he's alive, Lelouch telling his sister that he had escaped from hell. Odysseus says he's glad Lelouch is back, but he thinks it's inappropriate to stage such a prank on national TV. Lelouch then confesses that he killed Charles, making him the Emperor. Guinevere orders guards to take down Lelouch, but Suzaku drops down from the ceiling and kicks them away. He stands by Lelouch, having finally reconciled with him. Kallen watches, shocked by Suzaku's actions. Lelouch announces that Suzaku will now be a Knight of the Round above all the others: the "Knight of Zero". Kaguya then wonders why Lelouch and Suzaku are working together now. Lelouch then uses Geass on the entire crowd, forcing them to accept him as Emperor as C.C. watches from the shadows.

Meanwhile, in Cambodia, Schneizel watches the events on TV alongside Kanon, Cornelia, and Diethard. Schneizel "thanks" his brother for returning and resolving their problem. Cornelia wonders why Suzaku has joined him, and Kanon claims that it's because Suzaku is a person who keeps climbing up the ladder by betraying others. Schneizel merely tells them to relax, saying that Lelouch can have Britannia, as what matters will come next. Schneizel then asks what will control the world now: "Lelouch's Geass, or...?"



Lelouch Kills Charles and Marianne (English Dub)


Code Geass - Ragnarök Aftermath (Dub)

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  • Conversation between Lelouch and Charles
    • "So since we have plenty of time now will you answer me? Who was it that killed my mother and what's your excuse for not protecting her?" -Lelouch
    • "How ironic, here you are seeking the truth, you who made it this far by your deception and your lies." -Charles
    • "That's true. I've lied every step of the way and not just about my name and past. I've hidden my true intentions too, but that's pragmatism isn't it? People need to play along with each other. We melt into a place. If we didn't then nations and people, these things called communities, wouldn't exist. Everyone uses lies on family, on friends, in society, and everyone wears a different face, but is that a sin? What is one's true face? Even you wear a mask; that of an emperor. None of us can make a move now without our respective persona's." -Lelouch
  • "Half a century ago my elder brother and I existed in a hell on earth. Our family was just rivals competing for the throne. Assassinations occurred with regularity. Daily betrayals spawned by lies. Killing each other off. My own mother fell victim to it. My brother and I were sickened and angered by the world. We therefore both swore an oath to create a world without lies." -Charles
  • "Why do people lie? It isn't only because they struggle against each other. It's also because there's something that they're seeking. you now want a world without change, how stagnant. You could hardly call it life. The same as a world of memories. Just a world that's closed and completed. That's a place I wouldn't want to live in." -Lelouch
  • "Forcing your good intentions on others is no different from an evil act." -Lelouch
  • "God! Collective unconscious! Please, don't stop the march of time!" -Lelouch
  • "Regardless, what I want is tomorrow." -Lelouch
  • "C.C., we still bear the marks of Geass no matter what occurs we--" -Charles
  • "You, my own parents, YOU ABANDONED US!" - Lelouch
  • Conversation between Lelouch, Suzaku, and C.C.
    • "C.C., Are you going as well?" -Lelouch
    • "When death comes, you want to at least be smiling right?" -C.C.
    • "And you two? What are you Planning to do now? You rejected Charles's plan. Instead, you've choose reality and the forward march of time. However..." -C.C.
    • "I know! Lelouch is the person who murdered Euphie!" -Suzaku
    • "And what of it!?" -Lelouch
  • "Charles zi Britannia, the 98th emperor, no longer lives and I'm the one who took his life. Therefore that makes me the next emperor." -Lelouch
  • "May I introduce Suzaku Kururugi my knight. A knight of the round above all others. I grant him the title Knight of Zero." -Lelouch


  • "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate" - is an Italian phrase which translates to "Abandon all hope, ye who enter". In Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia(Divine Comedy), this phrase is described as being inscribed above the entrance to Hell. Lelouch is seen reading the Divine Comedy on at least one occasion.
    Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate

    Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate