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The Night Before the Showdown
Audio Drama 12
"The Night Before the Showdown"
Original Release Date April 25th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
We Can't Tell Lelouch The Girl in the Straitjacket

Stage 9.725 takes place the night before the Battle of Narita begins.


It begins as Lelouch vi Britannia is explaining some of the preparations he has made, for the upcoming battle, to C.C.. Suddenly Suzaku Kururugi knocks on the door and Lelouch quickly shoves C.C. under the bed, much to her annoyance.

Suzaku then enters the room and Lelouch admonishes him for barging in like he did. The conversation then begins to drift towards the time when they were both living at the Kururugi Shrine. Eventually Lelouch remarks that Suzaku has significantly changed and become less selfish since that time. Suzaku counters and says that Lelouch has become more rough than he used to be. Suzaku also discovers one of C.C.'s long hairs in Lelouch's room and assumes that he has a girlfriend. Suzaku asks what she is like and if she is cute or not. Since C.C. can hear everything Lelouch says that she is the opposite of cute. Suzaku then infers that she must be the "home-maker" type and once again Lelouch puts C.C. down and explains how she is lazy and never lifts a finger. Suzaku begins to question if this is the right girl for Lelouch while he continues to point out all the flaws and problems that C.C. has. She gets fed up with that and starts kicking the bed. Lelouch blames the rumbling on his alarm clock and Suzaku somehow accepts that as a reasonable answer.

Lelouch then changes the subject to find out why Suzaku had come over at that time. He just wanted to give some math notes to Lelouch and may not be able to do so at another time due to a work trip that begins tomorrow. Suzaku then says goodbye and walks out.

C.C. emerges from under the bed after Suzaku leaves and comments on how original Lelouch's description of their relationship was. She proceeds to question Lelouch and queries as to whether is he is prepared to kill those close to him or only willing to die as a martyr. Lelouch reaffirms his conviction to remove any obstacle in his way.