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The Name of the King
Audio Drama 10
"The Name of the King"
Original Release Date July 25th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
Orange Peel We Can't Tell Lelouch

Stage 6.113 takes place shortly after Arthur is recovered by Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch.


It starts as Suzaku asks Euphemia, in a flash back, how the cat got hurt. Euphemia talks to the cat and says that the cat told her that it had a bad landing and hurt its paw. She then names him Arthur.

Later on, after the cat has been rescued, Suzaku ponders about telling Euphemia that the cat they saved earlier is now in the student council room and everyone is deliberating on what to call it. Shirley Fenette, Rivalz Cardemonde, Nina Einstein, and Kallen Kōzuki all suggest different names. Kallen seems to think that all cats should have the name Tama. Deliberations continue and when Lelouch is asked what he thinks they should call it, he says that his vote is that they don't have a cat because it will end up being his responsibility to take care of. He is quickly shot down. Milly Ashford then starts prying into Suzaku's personal life and assumes that Suzaku has a girlfriend. He denies this, but no one really believes him.

Lelouch takes Suzaku aside and admonishes him for being so gullible. They chat for a while and Suzaku reveals that the cat already has the name Arthur. Nunnally rolls in and starts talking to the cat in the same way that Euphemia did. To everyone's surprise, Nunnally reveals that she has known Arthur for a long time. This is especially shocking to Suzaku as Nunally has somehow managed to name the cat the same way that Euphemia did. He eventually decides that it simply proves that Euphemia and Nunnally really are sisters. Finally, Arthur bites Suzaku, as is customary.