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The Imperial Siblings
Audio Drama 06
"The Imperial Siblings"
Original Release Date September 26th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The End of the Summer of Joy Meeting Milly

Stage 0.884 takes place after the Second Pacific War and a few years before the Black Rebellion.


Schneizel el Britannia and Cornelia li Britannia are sitting together and talking about Euphemia li Britannia. Euphie is getting close to turning 13 and Schneizel flatters both her and Cornelia. He comments on how he expected Cornelia to stay in Area 14 as Viceroy. She doesn't seem to care about politics and only wants to crush her enemies. Schneizel cautions her and says that you should always leave your opponents with a little will to live so that they remain productive.

Euphemia rushes over and interrupts them by saying that she would make a country a place for everyone to live happily if she were to be a viceroy. At that Schneizel tells Cornelia that he wants to recommend her to become the next Viceroy of Area 11. Cornelia doesn't want to do it so they think about sending Clovis la Britannia who just happens to walk in at that moment.

Clovis tries to be cordial but Cornelia wont take part in it. Clovis brings Marianne vi Britannia and they start talking about Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnally vi Britannia. Clovis then states that he officially requested to go be Viceroy of Area 11 because he wants to pay homage to Lelouch. Euphemia then pipes in and says that Lelouch once sent her a letter that vaguely detailed the friendship he had formed with Suzaku Kururugi. She wants to go to Japan one day. Clovis walks off so that he can finish a painting. Schneizel and Cornelia try to give him advice but he doesn't take it to heart.