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The Girl in the Straitjacket
Audio Drama 13
"The Girl in the Straitjacket"
Original Release Date June 27th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The Night Before the Showdown Ticket of Dreams

Stage 11.351 takes place after the Battle of Narita.


It begins as Lelouch walks in on C.C. shortly after she has finished repairing her white straitjacket that had been damaged due to the Battle of Narita. Lelouch doesn't understand why she would continue to wear such a thing and tells her to use his money to buy more clothes. She doesn't really want to do so, but Lelouch says that if someone walked in and saw her in his room wearing a straitjacket they might think he was keeping her prisoner.

Just as they are discussing how he could explain keeping a girl in his room at all, Nunnally comes in. C.C. greets Nunnally and says that she and Lelouch are having an intimate discussion. Nunnally assumes the worst and leaves to allow them more time to be alone with each other.

After Nunnally leaves, Lelouch questions C.C. as to why she continues to wear those clothes. She responds by saying it is a symbol of her captivity as she believes that she is a prisoner in this world. Lelouch then proceeds to go online and order her new clothes. They talk some more and C.C. realizes that Lelouch is in a sense a prisoner to the Ashford family and the Kururugi family. He vows to one day break out of the birdcages that hold him down. C.C. remarks how Lelouch can be so weak at one moment and then so strong the next. Lelouch finishes the purchase online and C.C. seems to like the clothes that he has picked out for her.