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The First Friend
Audio Drama 04
"The First Friend"
Original Release Date July 25th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The Song of the Secret Base The End of the Summer of Joy

Stage 0.533 takes place approximately 7 years before the Black Rebellion and just before the Invasion of Japan.


Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, and Nunnally vi Britannia are playing the board game Suguroku. Lelouch and Suzaku playfully argue while Nunnally contemplates the strangeness of lelouch actually having a friend. Lelouch starts getting bored with the game because it is all luck and you don't have to use your brain in it at all. He asks Suzaku if they can play the Japanese version of chess called Shogi. Suzaku hates complicated games like that and Lelouch calls him stupid so Suzaku starts tickling him.

Nunnally comments on how she had ran away so that she wouldn't have to marry Genbu Kururugi. She feels like the concern they both shared for er that day is a big reason why the two have grown close together. She decides that this friendship is probably for the best because now Suzaku visits them all the time.

Lelouch then starts to explain how he convinced Suzaku's father to avoid the marriage with Nunnally. It turns out he gave something to Genbu that didn't have any real value to them. His words comfort Nunnally and she realizes that she can trust him more than anyone. Suzaku and Lelouch decide that they want to go into town because there is some kind of attraction that simulates an earthquake. they tell nunnally they will bring her back a souvenir. As they leave Nunnally feels a little lonely but also glad that Lelouch has someone he can relate with.