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The Final Invitation
Audio Drama 18
"The Final Invitation"
Original Release Date September 26th, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
A Woman's Battle The Third Reason

Stage 21.534 takes place shortly before the Special Administrative Zone Massacre.


Suzaku starts reminiscing to Lelouch about the summer days of their childhood. Nunnally asks if the nostalgia has come from Suzaku talking to Euphemia about the past. The three of them then start talking about Marianne vi Britannia and the sibling's time as royalty. Marianne apparently got into a fight with thirty other empresses. Before they can talk more, Sayoko Shinozaki comes in to get Nunnally for a medical appointment. She is at first hesitant to go but with a prompt from Suzaku she decides to leave with Sayoko.

The two guys continue talking and Suzaku asks Lelouch if he thinks they could ever team up again like they did in the past. Specifically he wants Lelouch's help with the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. Lelouch denies his request claiming that now he can distinguish between fantasy and reality. Suzaku remarks that even though they have both changed so much their friendship hasn't changed. On that line lelouch warns Suzaku to not get involved with the SAZ. They start a heated conversation about what should and should not be done with their lives. Lelouch continues to refuse Suzaku's request for help but promises that he wont forget. Lelouch then invites Suzaku to leave.

It closes with Lelouch commenting on how that was the last time they would ever talk as just friends. With resolution Lelouch confirms that no matter what, they can never return to those summer days.