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The End of the Summer of Joy
Audio Drama 05
"The End of the Summer of Joy"
Original Release Date August 22nd, 2007
Audio Drama Chronology
The First Friend The Imperial Siblings

Stage 0.543 take place approximately 7 years before the Black Rebellion and just as the Invasion of Japan begins.


Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi have gone in to town but have set up a plan to escape from the security police that are watching over them. Lelouch has come up with the plan and rigged some fireworks and even a smoke screen to go off on his command while Suzaku is in charge of the getaway. After the diversions are set off the two kids dash towards a car carrying a little bird that had been attacked by a big bird. The bird couldn't fly anymore so they were going to a nest that is clear over on the next mountain. Suzaku starts driving away and Lelouch confirms that he has already sabotaged the other cars. Suzaku is going super fast but is doing a great job of controlling the car. With only ten minutes his recklessness is understood.

They finally make it to the nest and everything seems to be going well. Lelouch has a hard time climbing but when he finally gets to the top they both stop to congratulate themselves on their successful getaway.

A while passes and Suzaku tells Lelouch that when they work together there is nothing they can't do. Suzaku says that one day he will help Lelouch become emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. At that moment an explosion is heard off in the distance. They move to get a better look at what is happening. What they see is the Invasion of Japan and the end of their happy times together.