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The Brightness Falls is the third episode of Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.


2017 a.t.b. (Revolutionary Year 228), the war between Euro Britannia and the Europia United (E.U.) continues. At a disadvantage and still continues to resist Britannia. Leila and Akito went into the battle with the others. In that battle, they encountered a golden knightmare, it's knight's name is Shin.

After having their military credentials illegally revoked, the W-0 unit find themselves living with a group of elderly gypsies, where Leila is reminded of her encounter with C.C and her unawakened Geass power. Upon returning, Leila decides that W-O need to shoot down an aircraft flown in the name of ‘Ark Fleet’, a non-existent terrorist movement conjured up by Kingsley in an attempt to soften up the remaining free portions of Europe for invasion.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to regain control of Euro Britannia, Shin seizes upon a mental spasm suffered by Julius and holds him at gunpoint after figuring out his true identity, whilst the Order of Michael fight it out against Suzaku and the Lancelot.



Julius enters Caesar's palace

Julius and Suzaku had arrived at Caesar's palace. Suzaku then kneel infront of Augusta. Then, Micheal speaks to Kingsley he should kneel too but he smiled.


Julius showing the Imperial Scepter

Julius tell them that he had been granted full authority by His Majesty and showed them the proof of, Imperial Scepter.

Then by the lake, Claus Warwick is fishing in his day off. Suddenly Anna came to Leila's room to give Eliza, her lunch food. Eliza run and then hide in lower of Leila's bedroom rejecting Anna's presence.


Anna and Leila childhood potrait

Anna, began to seeing her childhood potrait when she was little kid.


Ryou, Ayano, Akito, and Leila waiting

It's been a whole month they stuck in Europia Army Garrison Former Warsaw Sports Stadium. And, two of soldier came and mocked them.


Anou Shocked to see Leila's name on monitor

Meanwhile, Europia Army Supply Corps Warsaw Branch, Commander Anou is seen talking through the phone and shouting in the whole place, Shocked, to see the W-0 name on the monitor.


W-0 Unit shocked to see the ID function in error state

They buy a lot of stuff, but something error occured on the ID, They go the Europia security gate, and been told that the ID has error code in it. Ryou then smashed the monitor.

Characters in Orders of Appearance[]

Knightmare Frames in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Alexander Type 02
  2. Alexander
  3. Alexander Valiant
  4. Gracchus
  5. St. Michael's Sutherland
  6. Lancelot


Powers or Abilities used[]


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