Black king
The Black King
Nicknames: The Black King

Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Death Date: a.t.b. 2018
Nationality: Britannian
Additional Information
Rank: Noble
Real World
First Appearance: The Day a Demon Awakens
Last Appearance: The Day a Demon Awakens
Created By: CLAMP
Voiced By: Masaharu Sato (Japanese)
Douglas Rye (English)

The Black King first appeared during the first episode of R2 at Babel Tower as a Chess opponent for Lelouch. He also has a reputation as an excellent Chess Player. Whether he earned his reputation because of his skills or by using illicit means is not known. He is killed by the Royal Guards that were monitoring Lelouch under direct command of the Emperor.

Character History Edit

Second SeasonEdit

The Black King as he first appeared is shown as a lecherous old man rather than an accomplished Chess Player. Before he met Lelouch, he participated in a questionable game called "Rabbit Hunt", in the game he has successfully managed to capture three of them save for Kallen. He is a believer of Emperor Charles's Ideology where "the strong rule and the weak die" as such he considers Elevens as nothing more than slaves. He is also commented by Rolo to be a member of the Mafia. After he lost a Chess match against Lelouch he accuses him as a Cheater to maintain his reputation.

However, the Black Knights begin their operation to recover Zero by assaulting Babel Tower. During the confusion, Kallen kicks the Black King and tries to escape by Lelouch. The Black King is later killed by the OSI soldiers.

Trivia Edit

  • He can crush a pair of Chestnut with his palm.

Gallery Edit

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