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The Temple of Zilkhstan is a temple serving as a religious administration building and as an important spiritual symbol and cultural landmark to the kingdom. The temple also houses members of theFarlaf Order to administer religious rites and practices to the entire city and to serve as a legitimizing spiritual forces for the current regime.

The highest ranking individual that use take up residency in the temple was the High Priestess Shamna.

The Temple is also guarded by a group of all female Temple Guard. Which are seen to never leave Shamna's side. And can also be seen zealously guarding her and her brother Shario.

 Temple Exterior[]

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The Temple are never short on worshipers

The Temple was built inside the face of a cliff surrounding the Capital. The Temple stood tall at 1000 meter, towering over the cities surrounding it. At the temple front there is a bridge connecting it to the Palace. Possibly used by the royal sibling to regularly meet each other and for discussing important state matters.

Outside the Temple worshipers and pilgrims alike are seen either praying to the temple or seeking access to it.

Temple Interior[]

Shamna audience room

Shamna's Audience Room

Inside the Temple there's an audience chamber where Shamna can host members of her entourage and subordinates. To discuss important matters.

Further in the temple there's a secret chamber where she and member of the Farlaf Order created a device to access the world of C's.