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Tatewaki Katase (片瀬 帯刀, Katase Tatewaki) was a major general in the Japanese military and the leader of the Japan Liberation Front.

Character Outline[]

Being a former military officer of Japan, Katase is a respectable and competent general. His leadership skills was able to hold off Cornelia and the Britannian Military when the JLF were outnumbered and outmatched until Tohdoh and the Four Holy Swords arrived.

Character History[]

First Season[]

JLF command

General Katase overseeing the battle in the Narita HQ.

Katase first appears during the Battle of Narita trying to fend off the attacks made by Cornelia and her forces. He continues to hold off until Tohdoh returns along with the Four Holy Swords with the hopes that he will be able to make another miracle out of this battle. As they are losing forces, Zero and The Black Knights appear and use the Guren Mk-II to create a landslide that destroys most of the Britannian forces. Eventually, Tohdoh appears with the Burai Kai and tells Katase to let all the remaining forces help him. However, The Black Knights retreat leaving Katase and the JLF to fend for themselves. This forces Tohdoh to give the order to fall back and take General Katase to safety.

Katase's final moments

Moments before Katase's death.

Katase was able to retreat from the battle along with the remaining members of the JLF to Port Yokosuka on a freighter. But, the Britannian Military found their location and another battle ensues. Meanwhile, Lelouch plants a bomb under the freighter which he later denotates it, killing Katase and the rest of the Japan Liberation Front that were with him.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Code Geass: The Manga[]

Instead of Battle of Narita, the battle between Britannia, Zero's resistance, and JLF takes place at Port Yokosuka. Zero infiltrates the JLF ship and Geassed Katase to commit suicide refusing his offer to join him.

Nightmare of Nunnally[]

In the manga Nightmare of Nunnally, Katase is killed by Cornelia during the Battle of Narita.

Code Geass: Lost Colors[]

During the Britannia route, Suzaku Kururugi predicted that Zero was behind the death of Katase noting that Katase would never commit suicide despite not having any hard evidence.

On the JLF route his death is avoided provided Rei joins. During the Battle Of Ishikawa Rei has the option to join Todo or defend the main base. Despite winning, Katase orders a retrest when Gilford attacks allowing the Britannia military to win. If Rei agrees with Todo, Katase kicks out the Holy Swords and Rei and flees to China.


  • The name Tatewaki means "band, belt, obi" (帯) (tate) and "sword, knife, blade, saber, engraving tool" (刀) (waki).
  • Tatewaki's surname Katase means "single, piece" (片) (kata) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).