I get it, I get it. He's dead in both canons, etcetera etcetera, and the sequel is named Lelouch of the Resurrection, meaning he will be resurrected. What I'm curious about is what canon way will be used to resurrect him? Because as far as I know, no character has been resurrected before, only narrowly missed death against ridiculous chances. Unless he is turned into a RoD Knightmare, which I believe is only possible if the person is alive, the only other way I see is the Collective Unconscious/Caretaker of Spacetime themselves resurrecting him... which further begs the question why, seeing as Lelouch didn't shy away from abusing his Geass, something the Caretaker sees as an offense. And that is only if they are not the one to judge his other unsavory acts.

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