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Well, I'm no Knight or Samurai

—Swaile Qujappat

Swaile Qujappat (スウェイル・クジャパット, Suwairu Kujapatto) is a character that appears in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection. Leads a team of assassins. A cruel person who used to be with the Geass Cult. As leader of a team of Assassins he executes Shamna's order by dispatching all of the Kingdom's enemy without remorse. Shown to be highly skilled and possessing a Geass he is not to be underestimated. He met his end killed by Nina and her team by electrocuting him on a body of water.


Swaile is tall brown haired man wearing blue long uniform vest with gold colored trim over his black under shirt, loose sirwal pants, turban and multiple gold colored piercings adorning his face.   

He also carry a unique side arm that he carries everywhere on mission. He first used to kill Shalio's friend Yupito under Shamna's order and have tried to use it to murder the infiltrating UFN teams. the Pistol then destroyed when it is electrocuted alongside Swaile.


Swaile is shown to be cunning and cruel. Able to kill an innocent bystander without even flinching and have dislike for duel most likely not because of his lack of ability but just because he doesn't sees the point in fighting fairly. Preferring to use his Geass to dispatch his opponents by letting them destroy themselves in the process this serves as a testament to his cruel nature. This cruelty also caused him to be careless preferring to play with his victim instead of finishing the job. A weakness that was exploited by Nina which caused his demise.



Swaile geass

The effects of Swaile's Geass

Qujappat's Geass is the ability to reverse a person's perception of who their foes and allies are. This causes a person to see their allies as their enemies, such as causing Kallen to see her friends as multiple Qujappat, and vice versa. While the effect can be problematic, if the target has prior knowledge of the effect then they can act accordingly, such as with Sayoko The effect appears to require constant concentration of the Geass user, though, as it wore off when he was knocked unconscious.