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Karma Suzaku (業スザク, Karuma Suzaku) is a version of Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass: Genesic Re;Code. He is a Suzaku that comes from a different timeline where a different command was given to him on Shikine Island by Lelouch.


This Suzaku is completely identical to that of his counterpart, but possesses a large scar across his right cheek.


Due to the actions he has been forced to commit while under Lelouch's control, he possesses a deep hatred.

Character History[]


His life was exactly the same as that of his counterpart until the confrontation with Zero on Shikine Island. When ordered to sacrifice himself to ensure his death, a different command was placed on him by Lelouch: to become his slave. Though Suzaku would betray Britannia and join him now, Lelouch would suffer guilt from having taken this course of action, and intensified his efforts to liberate Japan and fight Britannia. This would also intensify resentment from Britannians and result in a great tragedy.

Eventually, by chance, the identity of Zero was discovered and Nunnally was targeted, resulting in her death. Broken by her death and consumed by rage, Lelouch orders Suzaku and the Japanese as human weapons to indiscriminately slaughter Britannians. Compelled to follow this order, he kills countless people, including Euphemia. Though being forced to kill her seems to drive him berserk at that time, he is forced by Geass to continue killing more.

When they finally face the Emperor, Suzaku fights against Jeremiah Gottwald, who had become a Knight of the Round. During the fight, Suzaku is released from Lelouch's control by the Geass Canceller. However, because of what he had been forced to do, including kill Euphemia with his own hands, Suzaku is consumed by his own hatred. Killing Jeremiah and Charles, he then tries to kill Lelouch. Though he escapes, Lelouch loses his left eye in the process.

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